Extraordinary recommendation: it’s time to get rid of your energy stocks

The XLE ETF, which tracks traditional energy stocks, has jumped 66 percent since the beginning of the year, reflecting the surge in energy company stock prices and particularly high oil and gas prices. Despite some decline in recent weeks, oil prices have barely dropped from $ 110 a barrel of WTI. For comparison, during the […]

Electric car sold out in 18 minutes

The Citroen brand is increasingly focusing on the sale of electric car models in the international market. Citroen electric cars are being sold in various countries around the world. The Citroen electric car is also expected to be launched in the Indian market soon. At this point, Citroen’s limited edition mini electric cars sold out […]

the 27 approve the end of thermal engines in 2035

By imposing de facto 100% electric motorizations from 2035, the measure must contribute to achieving the continent’s climate objectives, in particular carbon neutrality by 2050. The 27 EU Member States approved on the night of Tuesday 28 to Wednesday 29 June the Commission’s plan to reduce CO2 emissions from new cars in Europe to zero […]

Toyota recalls electric car for faulty wheel that may detach

Toyota has announced the recall of 2,700 bZ4X electric cars worldwide due to a wheel problem. Toyota, Japan’s leading car maker based in Tokyo, has unveiled its first all-electric SUV. The bZ4X car was launched in India a few months back. It was sold with features such as front drive (FWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) […]

Convertibles and roadsters: the electric offensive begins in the luxury class

IIs it the fear of exhaust fumes, global warming or just the longing for social distance? Apparently, the automotive generation E is not so much concerned with openness. The longing for sun and fresh air used to produce numerous open-top cars, from small cars with folding roofs to luxurious convertibles or the powerful Spider. But […]

1202 km on full charge. Range … Benz electric car that rocked the bar ..!

The Mercedes Benz Vision EQXX electric concept car has evolved into a model with the world’s finest aerodynamic design. India, First Published Jun 26, 2022, 12:25 PM IST It was announced last April that the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX electric concept model had a single-kilometer range with a single charge. During the journey from Germany to […]

1202 km on full charge. Mercedes car going

Mercedes Benz has broken its previous record with its Vision EQXX car model. Previously the Vision EQXX model had a range of 1000 km on full charge. At present, the same car has a range of 1,202 km. Go and set the record. The test run took place at the F1 racetrack in Brockley. The […]