Can machines have consciousness? Experts respond to the Google controversy

Emotionally frustrated that the love of his life has asked for a divorce, Theodore Twombly decides to buy a virtual assistant with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to keep him company. After a few days, the fascination and learning is such that the introverted young man falls in love and begins a love relationship with his operating […]

Doctors’ speech recognition technology can be implemented in all clinics

Polyclinics and hospitals can implement Voice2Med medical documentation voice filling technology, this initiative is being discussed by the Ministry of Health and the Center for Speech Technologies (STC). This was told to Vedomosti by a source close to the MDGs. Information about the consultations of the Ministry of Health and the MDGs was confirmed to […]

Nutrition experts reveal the damages of bread… and a diabetic explains what happened to him after he stopped eating it • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: A video clip circulated on social networking sites documented the opinions of nutrition experts on brown bread, and revealed its damage to a diabetic patient. Leave the bread! Hammadi Al-Aslani, a Physiotherapist, said in the circulating video, I developed diabetes three years ago, and with reading and research, I discovered that I do […]

Used car market to stagnate in 2022

Sales of used passenger cars in Russia in 2022 will grow by no more than 3% to approximately 5.97 million units. Sergey Udalov, executive director of the Avtostat analytical agency, told Vedomosti about this following the results of the ForAuto 2022 forum. In 2021, this market segment increased by 8% to 5.95 million units, follows […]

Explosives experts search for remains of Russian rockets among the ruins of Kharkov

A team of bomb disposal experts scours the streets of Kharkov for remnants of Russian rockets, after this city, the second largest in Ukraine, suffered heavy bombardment. The city, located a dozen kilometers from the Russian border, suffered significant damage in the first days of the invasion launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Though kyiv […]

Nutrition experts reveal a type of bread that helps extend life and strengthen immunity

Al-Marsad newspaper: One of the world’s leading nutrition experts explained that in some areas where people live as long as possible, sourdough bread had a role in this for some of its very important benefits in promoting longevity. And nutrition experts advised to get whole wheat dough, which contains more energy-boosting fiber and proteins than […]

Nutrition experts reveal 4 natural drinks that promote liver health

The Monitor: Eat This Not That polled nutrition experts on the best drinking habits for a well-functioning liver. Experts have agreed on 4 main habits for a healthy gut with age, according to Al Arabiya, as follows: 1. The right amount of water Dietitian Jamie Fit said that water is a very important component of […]