Macron urged Europe to be ready for any scenario with gas supplies from Russia

Europe needs to be ready for any scenario in the development of the situation in the issue of Russian gas supplies, French President Emmanuel Macron said before the start of the extraordinary EU summit in Versailles, TASS reports. “The question remains whether Russia will at some point apply pressure and use gas supplies as leverage. […]

Putin said that residents of Donbass have been actually bullied since 2014 – RBC

For all the years of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, residents of Donbass have been bullied, President Vladimir Putin said at an extraordinary meeting of the Russian Security Council. Broadcasted by RBC. “All these years – I want to emphasize – all these years, the people who live in these territories were actually mocked. Constant […]

Early presidential elections in Turkmenistan will be held on March 12

Extraordinary presidential elections in Turkmenistan are scheduled for March 12, said Bezirgen Karaev, assistant to the chairman of the Central Election Commission. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov instructed to start preparing for the elections, who believes that it is necessary to give way to the state administration to the young. He did not officially announce his resignation. […]

The authorities introduced a state of emergency in Kazakhstan – RBK

A state of emergency was introduced throughout Kazakhstan, Sputnik Kazakhstan and Informburo reported. The state of emergency provides for restrictions on movement, a ban on mass gatherings and strikes, and also allows law enforcement officers to conduct personal searches of citizens and inspect cars. The material is being supplemented. .

The President of Kazakhstan will deliver an address to the nation – RBK

Protests in Kazakhstan , Jan 05, 15:45 0 The administration of the President of Kazakhstan announced Tokayev’s appeal to the nation The President’s address will be shown on republican TV channels, Tokayev will speak with it in the near future. Earlier, amid protests in the republic, the Internet was turned off Photo: Vladimir Tretyakov / […]

Joe Biden saw the light at the end of the pandemic – Mir – Kommersant

A new COVID-19 strain, omicron, has emerged and is spreading in the United States. However, neither the American authorities nor the doctors panic, noting that the current symptoms of the identified cases indicate that the virus does not pose a threat to the lives of patients. Moreover, the new plan to counter the new strain, […]