Start-up Personio is worth 8.5 billion

They have Renner Personio has developed standard software for personnel administration in small and medium-sized companies. München Personio is one of the highest rated German start-ups. In the increasingly difficult financing environment, the personnel software specialist has now collected a further 200 million dollars. The company’s valuation rose to $8.5 billion. “This is a strong […]

Corona worries are causing business start-ups in China to collapse

Peking Due to the corona lockdowns and stricter regulation, start-ups and start-up financing in China collapsed in the first five months. Almost 30 percent fewer companies were registered in the four largest cities Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen compared to the previous year. Only half as many companies were founded in the economic metropolis of […]

Hannover Finanz is cautious about new investments

Frankfurt Goetz Hertz-Eichenrode, head of the medium-sized investor Hannover Finanz, is becoming more cautious when it comes to new investments in view of the Ukraine war, inflation and rising interest rates. Sales and IPOs of companies in the portfolio would also become more difficult. “I think the mood in the entire investment industry will continue […]

German biotech companies: growth in a difficult environment

on the trail of genes Preparing a sample for genetic analysis: German biotech companies are in demand with investors. (Photo: IMAGO/Westend61) Frankfurt At first glance, investments in the German biotech industry are still high: According to the biotech report by the auditing and consulting company EY, 2.4 billion euros were invested in 2021. This is […]

US Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating Musk’s big deal on Twitter

Elon Musk The Twitter takeover is in danger of failing – maybe that’s fine with the Tesla boss. (Photo: Reuters) Washington The US Securities and Exchange Commission has scrutinized the entry of tech billionaire Elon Musk as a major investor on Twitter. The authority asked the Tesla boss on April 4 for information about compliance […]

Musk is apparently considering changed financing for Twitter purchase

Twitter Tesla boss Elon Musk wants to buy the short message service. (Photo: AP) Los Angeles / New York According to insiders, Tesla boss Elon Musk is in talks about a changed financing strategy for his planned takeover of Twitter. Musk is in talks with large investment firms and wealthy individuals about getting a bigger […]

Something went wrong with memory – Picture of the day – Kommersant

The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday satisfied the claim of the Prosecutor General’s Office to liquidate the international historical and educational society “Memorial” (included in the register of foreign agents). In the debate, representatives of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Ministry of Justice and Roskomnadzor met with Memorial’s lawyers and advocates. The first insisted that […]

Trotsenko spoke about his readiness to help the owner of the Listvyazhnaya mine

Entrepreneur Roman Trotsenko announced his readiness to provide financing to the company “SDS-Ugol” Mikhail Fedyaev, who was arrested in the case of the tragedy at the Listvyazhnaya mine in the Kemerovo region, as a result of which 51 people died. “We are partnering with the SDS group regarding the Kemerovo Azot. I know Fedyaev as […]