The UK is not the only country to “outsource” its migrants abroad

The United Kingdom has adopted a new law allowing the sending abroad of migrants who have arrived illegally on its territory since January 1. London has already reached an agreement with Kigali for them to be received in Rwanda. In exchange, the land of a thousand hills will receive 144 million euros. This desire to […]

Foreigners may be deprived of minority shares in Russian classifieds

The share of foreigners in the capital of Russian ad services, or classifieds, should not exceed 20%. Such a proposal is contained in the draft amendments to the law “On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection”, which was submitted to the State Duma by Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on Information Policy, IT and […]

Banks were given 175 billion rubles for preferential IT loans for industry

The government will allocate 175 billion rubles to banks. as compensation for the interest rate on preferential loans for companies to introduce domestic software and hardware and software systems. This follows from the materials for the speech of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin at the conference “Digital Industry of Industrial Russia”, which took place on June […]

How banks protect customer data and control the security of payments

What is DLP DLP is a technology for preventing leaks of confidential data from an information system to the outside, as well as technical devices (software or firmware) for such leak prevention. It controls the maximum number of communication channels, analyzes files in the system, prevents data leakage during storage, use and transmission of information, […]

Thank God for leaving foreign companies: Putin | Dynamics

No time to read? Listen to the message MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin has thanked foreign companies for leaving Russia. Foreign companies in Russia have left the country as the war between Russia and Ukraine continues for more than three months. Russian President Vladimir Putin has thanked God for that. Companies including McDonald’s in Russia […]

Russia destroyed foreign weapons depots in Odessa with high-precision missiles

5,563,959 Ukrainians left their country from February 24, the day of the beginning of the Russian invasion of the territory. The data comes from the monitoring carried out by the UNHCR, the agency for the problem of forced migration of the United Nations. By far the most popular departure destination for those fleeing the war […]

It will be easier for foreign IT specialists to issue a residence permit

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Labor have developed amendments to the law “On the legal status of foreign citizens in Russia”, according to which foreign IT specialists will be able to obtain a residence permit in a simplified manner, RBC reports, citing a copy of the document, two sources confirmed its […]

Kommersant learned about the idea of ​​charging foreign IT sites for traffic

The Ministry of Digital Transformation is discussing with the government additional measures to support telecom operators, including the introduction of fees for foreign big tech companies for passing data traffic, Kommersant reported, citing a ministry document sent to the cabinet. The office of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko told the publication that each measure requires […]

Russia bombs a military center of foreign instructors at the gates of the EU

Attack from Russian soil. A dense plume of black smoke rises from the destroyed buildings after the attack on the Yavoriv military base. / REUTERS The missile attack on the Yavoriv base, just 25 kilometers from Poland, causes 35 deaths and 134 injuries Just the day after Moscow warned that Western arms shipments to Ukraine […]