Naia Binstock and Ren Moshiov model a relationship in front of the cameras

The actress and star of “Fire Dance”, Naia Beehive Who has become one of the hottest names in the industry has lined up yesterday with her partner in the last year the actor Ran Moshiov In front of the camera lenses. The rising star Binstock, who plays with her partner in the youth series “Comprehensive […]

Despite the denials about parting: Daniela Lugassi in a new relationship

About a year ago, Liora turned to the opera singer several times Daniela Logsi To get her reaction to the fact that she broke up with her husband, Omar Shuili. Lugsey denied the breakup, which of course occurred and this week she even appeared to be embracing a new boyfriend. It turns out that Shuli, […]

Before the wedding: Dustin Hoffman’s son visits Israel

Fertilizer FellowWho was engaged toJake Hoffmanthe son of Dustin, Arrived with the groom destined for a hometown vacation, just before the wedding. This is Hoffman Jr.’s first visit to Israel. > Adv Yossi Cohen And his wife exultation Hosted the Sarah and Benjamin Netanyahu On the weekend of Shavuot, including a complete tour of Rishpon. […]

First post: The partner of a famous model was shot in the leg

The following news left us completely unprepared when we learned that the partner of a famous model had been shot in the leg and hospitalized. According to insiders who whispered to TMI, the same partner came to the emergency room at the hospital suffering from an injury after being shot in the leg. He was […]

third time ice cream? Avril Lavigne is engaged to her partner

The singer who will forever be remembered with the hit “Sk8er Boi”, Avril Lavigne, She has not been a young girl for a long time and although she is not seen, she is already 37 years old and now she is taking the next step in her adult life, when she found out that she […]

Perugia – Music – Grammy 2022: Olivia Rodrigo the great conductor

The Grammy Awards ceremony that the Academy of Arts and Recording Sciences awards each year is considered the most prestigious award in music so there is no doubt that every artist only dreams of being nominated for such an award. The prizes are divided into categories in different styles like pop, rap, rock, latin, and […]