The State Duma proposed to abolish fines for minor traffic violations

State Duma deputies from A Just Russia have developed a bill that proposes to abolish fines for minor traffic violations and replace them with a warning, we are talking about fines for a dirty car number, forgotten rights and documents for a car, an unplugged turn signal, violation of the rules for using lighting devices […]

AvtoVAZ announced plans to increase car production in 2023

AvtoVAZ has notified its suppliers that it plans to increase production to half a million vehicles a year, Vladimir Razumkov, chairman of the government of the Ulyanovsk region, said. “We have heard a pretty clear signal that 2023 is 500,000 car production. To date, the production of the traditional platform has been resumed, so those […]

In the Kaluga region announced the imminent return to work of a number of automakers

In the near future, some automakers operating in the Kaluga region will resume their activities, said the head of the region, Vladislav Shapsha, at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. “It is difficult to talk about the timing (of the resumption of work), because it is a very complex, complex process. I will not name […]

The Barça member has the right to be informed

At the Gran Jonquera Outlet, on top of clothing stores and next to a free buffet, the Barça board of directors decided on Tuesday the points that the compromising members will vote to push through the famous economic levers in an extraordinary telematic assembly. It is unknown at this time what he will do after […]

A well-informed optimist

After the exercise of flagellation against the meager 0.3% growth experienced by Spain in the first quarter of this year, we now see that it has not been so bad, compared to the 0.1% that has turned out to be the average of the OECD countries, with Germany with 0.2%, France with 0% or Italy, […]

Ethereum Founder Buterin Says He’s No Longer a Billionaire

Vitalik Buterin, creator of the Ethereum cryptocurrency, is no longer a billionaire. According to Bloomberg, in November 2021, he had assets worth $1.5 billion on his crypto wallet. Since then, the value of Ethereum has decreased by 55%. “By the way, I’m not a billionaire anymore… Note to trolls: no, Ethereum was not a mistake,” […]

The Ministry of Digital Development proposed to oblige to pre-install RuStore on gadgets

The Russian application store RuStore will be required to pre-install on “technically complex devices”, the corresponding bill was submitted to the government on May 13, Maksut Shadayev, head of the Ministry of Digital Development, said at the Russian Internet Forum (RIF). Kommersant reported with reference to the document that the Ministry of Digital Transformation proposed […]

State telecom operators will not be able to use equipment from the EU due to sanctions

The fifth package of EU sanctions involves a ban on the supply of technologies for civil communications networks to Russia, which are owned by a state-owned company, Kommersant reported. Thus, the EU finally froze the transfer of technology to state-owned telecommunications companies, said Nikita Tyurin, senior lawyer at Delcredere. Moscow Digital School teacher Nikita Danilov […]

Kaspersky Lab reported an increase in the number of DDoS attacks on companies

The number of DDoS attacks on companies in Russia in March increased by 1.5 times compared to February and by 8 times in annual terms, the Izvestia newspaper reported, citing a study by Kaspersky Lab. Average sustained attack increased from 12 minutes to 29 hours. The longest attack lasted 145 hours (more than 6 days), […]