Windows 10 still dominates the computer market, and Windows 11 is trying to compete…

Thank you for reading. Read the news: Report: Windows 10 still dominates the computer market… and Windows 11 is trying to compete… Basrawi News Encyclopedia – I wrote: Nermin Salem It has been almost a year since Microsoft released Windows 11, which is described as the “next generation of Windows”, and earlier this year, the […]

In Iran, a magnitude 6 earthquake kills five and injures dozens

The first tremors shook the earth around two o’clock in the morning, surprising many inhabitants in their sleep. On the night of Saturday July 2, an earthquake of magnitude 6 at a depth of 16 kilometers hit the province of Hormozgan, in the south of Iran, particularly testing the village of Sayeh Khosh. According to […]

Reports in Iran: Two explosions occurred at a military base in Tehran

The Iranian opposition news site, which is affiliated with the Iranian opposition, reported this morning (Saturday) that at least two explosions took place at a military base in southeastern Tehran. According to the report, the explosions took place at the headquarters of the Revolutionary Guards. The Mujahideen Khalq organization, known as an opponent of the […]

Tensions with Iran: “They are experiencing an intelligence shake-up

The shadow war between Israel and Iran, which has been going on for a long time in secret, has recently become more and more overt. This is because of the many publications about actions attributed to Israel in Tehran, or about actions that the Iranians claimed to be carrying out here. Alongside these actions, it […]

Representatives from 30 countries: “We must focus on Hezbollah’s terrorist activities”

Changing the equation with Hezbollah? The Al-Arabiya television network reported today (Friday) that the Coordination of Law Enforcement (LECG) held a meeting attended by 30 government representatives from countries in the Middle East, South America, Central America, Europe, Africa and India and discussed the progress of fighting Hezbollah’s terrorist activities around forever. The meeting was […]

The war in Ukraine could be an opportunity for the finances of Venezuela and Iran

Venezuela and Iran, two oil producers and subject to US sanctions, could benefit from the embargoes imposed on Russia by the war in Ukraine, according to the analysis of different experts. This is a unique opportunity for these two countries to recover markets in the West, estimates Edward Moya, from the Oanda brokerage company. “It […]

Chinese spacecraft gets pictures of the entire planet Mars

An unmanned Chinese spacecraft has obtained image data covering the entire planet Mars, including images of its south pole, after orbiting the planet more than 1,300 times since early last year, state media reported on Wednesday. The Tianwen-1 spacecraft successfully reached the Red Planet in February 2021, in the first spaceflight of China. A robotic […]

Report: Jordan opposes military alliance against Iran, which includes Israel

Security tensions with Iran: The Qatari al-Jazeera channel reported this morning (Wednesday) that Jordan denies any intention to join a military alliance that includes Israel. According to the report, the Foreign Minister of the Kingdom, Ayman a-Safdi Stressed that “there is no such proposal, and Jordan will not be in such an alliance, the issue […]