Checked: Nissan Townstar station wagon 1.3

HHigh-roof suits are the secret stars on the car market. At least for those buyers who want as much space and space as possible on a small footprint and at moderate prices. The market leader is the recently renewed VW Caddy, which is being pressed by the likewise brand new Renault Kangoo, which is also […]

50 years Renault R5: The little friend

V50 years ago, the German automotive market was completely different than it is today. Although the car was preparing to arrive in the middle of society, after all, more than 2.1 million were newly registered, but owning a vehicle was still something special and the choice of models was much smaller. The German manufacturers in […]

Nissan relies on the electric car with Ariya and Townstar models

NNissan used to be a pioneer. The compact Nissan Leaf was the first mass-produced electric car in 2010, and to date almost 580,000 units have been sold in the world. But not much happened after the Leaf. The hesitation should now be over after twelve years. The Japanese manufacturer, which is associated with Renault and […]

Five Short: Got on the wheels

Image: manufacturer Water In 2023, Dubai wants to host the climate conference with a flying boat that appears to fly over the water at a height of one meter at 65 km/h. Before the start it is still like a boat in the water. If it picks up speed, it should glide on two wings […]

The Rebault Trafic in the test

Wo We do not want to be inferior to the new and retired old engine worlds that have been declared in real life. The Opel Zafira described by the esteemed colleague is electric, its battery is sufficient for almost 200 kilometers at a speed of 110, and then there are 45 minutes of charging time. […]

Fahrbericht Renault Twingo Electric

Renault Twingo Electric Photo: Helge Jepsen As an electric car, the Twingo is purely a city vehicle. But you can still succumb to its charm, despite the short range, low power and the lack of the possibility of charging with direct current. When a test car with an electric drive is brought on the trailer, […]

Test drive Renault Mégane Electric: middle of society

FFor friends of fine French automotive culture, the journey back to the future begins in 2024. Then, unless the sky falls on our heads, the new R5 will appear in an old guise. A year later, it will be followed by an R4. Both with beautiful design quotes from a glorious history, both with technology […]

A bicycle with an auxiliary motor conquers hearts

V75 years ago, a mobile sensation was looming: the first Vélo-Solex hit the French market in autumn 1946. The prototype was made in 1940, but due to the war it took another six years to produce the first series copies. From 1947 on, production picked up speed. The Vélo-Solex can be described as the two-wheel […]

Infotainment Subaru Outback im Test

In Subaru’s new Outback, the fourth generation of the Japanese manufacturer’s infotainment system is now available. The modernized system immediately won an award for its design. It’s called the “audio infotainment system” and is part of the standard equipment. In the model variant of the Outback called Platinum, there is also a HiFi system from […]

Driving report Renault Kangoo dci 95 Intense: Practical family car

Dhe car as such is on the defensive. Buying one because it is simply fun to drive is frowned upon in parts of the population. But it doesn’t argue well against a Renault Kangoo. It doesn’t look like driving fun, but the boxy friend from France has been promising plenty of space for the family […]