Fast diet to lose weight before Eid

With the approaching end of the holy month of Ramadan, preparations are being made to receive the feast in the best way, including enjoying a graceful and elegant view. “” informs you of a quick diet to lose weight before Eid in the following report: Fast diet to lose weight before Eid If you want […]

The benefits of cucumber juice you may know for the first time

Cucumber juice is one of the best vegetable juices for the health of the body, skin and hair. It is distinguished by its high water content, which gives a feeling of refreshment and hydration, as well as moisturizing the body, and is easy to prepare at home. It contains many nutrients important for the health […]

The effect of fasting on mental health will shock you

Fasting effectively helps in improving mental health, and not eating for certain periods can help raise ketones levels in the body; Ketones are chemicals your liver makes and your body uses for energy. The process of making ketones in the liver is as follows: During fasting, the body uses the liver’s stores of glucose (sugar […]

WADA on the mill of the USA – Sport – Kommersant

The most notable event at the regular meeting of the Board of Founders of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was the speech of Regina Labelle, Director of the White House Department of National Drug Policy Control (ONDCP). She received an invitation to the meeting after the ONDCP once again accused WADA of unwillingness to carry […]