meta: Facebook bought the death blow .. No name in the list! Mark in mental anguish !! – facebook meta lost its top 10 position of most valuable company in the world

Facebook, the most popular social media company in the world, recently changed its name to Meta. Its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is one of the world’s biggest billionaires. But over the past few years Mark Zuckerberg and his meta company have been experiencing various setbacks. Meta is currently ranked 11th out of the top 10 most […]

because now TikTok scares Zuckerberg – Mark Zuckerberg has never made humility his main characteristic. This time, however, reveals an unprecedented concern about a competitor. Its name is TikTok: in the conferences following the release of the quarterly data at the beginning of February, the ceo and the CFO David Wehner nominated the app nine times. Quotes from other […]

Report: Zuckerberg is embracing the idea of ​​launching a cryptocurrency

Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitious plan to launch its own cryptocurrency has begun with loud applause, but is now receiving a weak response in the face of growing regulatory pressure, according to a report released by the Bloomberg network. The body entrusted with the development of the digital currency of the meta-company, Diem, is considering selling its […]

Zuckerberg announces the world’s fastest AI supercomputer

Dhe Facebook group Meta has put a new supercomputer for artificial intelligence (AI) applications into operation. The “AI Research Super-Cluster” will be the fastest AI computer in the world when it is fully developed in the middle of the year, the company announced on Monday. Meta’s researchers are already using computers to make digital systems […]

Microsoft, Meta or Google? The billion dollar bet on the Metaverse

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Reporting: Google has given Meta an illegal advantage in its advertising auctions

CEOs of companies FACEBOOK +1.66% closure:0 opening:321.98 Tall:332.73 low:321.21 cycle:— Page Quote News Graphs Company Profile Recommendations More articles on the subject: (NYSE: FB) and GOOGLE +0.47% closure:0 opening:2,750 Tall:2,824.01 low:2,750 cycle:— Page Quote News Graphs Company Profile Recommendations More articles on the subject: (NYSE: GOOGL), Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai oversaw an illegal transaction […]

Will Apple crack the $ 4 trillion soon?

MAssume the stock market values ​​of corporations like SAP, Disney, Boeing and Airbus, IBM, VW, Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, add them up and find out: Apple still weighs twice as much. With its share price rising to $ 182 recently, the company, which was founded in a garage in […]

Tech stocks: end of the boom? Investors should know this insider list

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The year 2021 and its innovations

A new chapter Dhe “Metaverse” is suddenly on everyone’s lips. The term first appeared almost thirty years ago in the dystopian science fiction novel “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson, today various technology companies are explaining it as their future strategy. The internet giant Facebook apparently finds the metaverse so important that it recently renamed itself […]