Coronavirus is being caught on restrictions – Kommersant FM – Kommersant

There is a sharp jump in the incidence of coronavirus in the capital. Over the past day, about 4 thousand new infections have been detected, which is a third more than on September 29. As the COVID-19 situation worsens, the authorities are taking new measures. So, in the capital, the mask regime has been tightened, […]

Indian technologies are thrown to fight the Indian strain – Hi-Tech – Kommersant

India has announced the launch of a test project for the contactless delivery of drugs by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). They want to be used to transport drugs to hard-to-reach areas or places with a high level of infection. In addition to drones, the Indian authorities are using artificial intelligence (AI) systems, robots and high-tech […]

The revolt of the Marseillais against masks – In France there is an air of rebellion and intolerance while the country is grappling with the third wave of Covid-19 and with a new four-week confinement in 16 departments. Over 6,500 people took part in a carnival parade in Marseille, without a mask or social distancing, forcing the police to intervene to […]