Flowers for Mother’s Day? How to do it more unconventionally

WIf he likes his mother, he gives her flowers, and not just for Mother’s Day. Tulips, gerberas and roses always work, orchids are also a classic, but somehow old-fashioned. If they are cut flowers, a meadow flower bouquet is recommended. I would also recommend potted flowers for sustainable reasons, as long as the mother has […]

One in two mothers leaves their jobs to care for their children

AGI – More than one in two mothers (53.3%) who quits do so because they are unable to reconcile childcare with their job, the time away from home and the hours of schools and kindergartens. This is what emerges from the analysis of the European Union of Cooperatives (Uecoop) on data from the National Labor […]

nearly 100,000 mothers have lost their jobs due to the pandemic

AGI – 96 thousand mothers lost their jobs in Italy during the pandemic. An army of women of which 4 out of 5 have children under the age of 5. The 6th Report notes this “Le Equilibriste: motherhood in Italy 2021”, released by Save the Children – the Organization that for over 100 years has […]