Gun Violence: Shootout in USA! Three dead and eleven injured – News Abroad

And again gun violence in the USA! Three people were killed in a shootout in the middle of a street in the US metropolis of Philadelphia on Saturday evening (local time). Eleven other people were injured, police said. There were several shooters. The incident happened on a street known for its lively nightlife. This is […]

Mega storm in the USA: three students die after tornado hunting in Kansas

A tornado swept through the US state of Kansas at the weekend – for three meteorology students THE opportunity to experience their subject in practice. But the trip ends fatally… Nicholas Nair (20), Gavin Short (19) and Drake Brooks (22) drove more than 400 kilometers to see the tornado. They send their friends at the […]

AI artist at the Venice Art Biennale: Ai-Da can paint like a human

At the 59th Venice Art Biennale from April 22nd, art enthusiasts can see something really amazing: the painting robot lady Ai-Da. Ai-Da is the world’s first humanoid robot artist. The robot was presented for the first time in 2019 at Oxford University. The special thing about Ai-Da: Each painting is unique. The inventor and developer […]

Malle in a party mood: These are the party tips from singer Isi Glück

Palma – Shirtless? Forbidden! Barefoot? Forbidden! Too drunk? Forbidden! Is the Ballermann really what he used to be? It’s full again at Playa de Palma. After the first Ballermann stars stormed the stage again in the Bierkönig, the Megapark has now reopened. Mickie Krause (51, “For you”), Lorenz Büffel (42, “Pietro Lombardi”) and Isi Glück […]

Switzerland: iPhone saves the life of a downed snowboarder – News Abroad

The Briton Tim Blakey (41) was extremely lucky on his snowboard trip in the Valais Alps in Switzerland: After he fell into a crevasse, his iPhone saved his life! That happened: The fitness trainer was off the slopes with his snowboard – and according to his own statements, he suddenly fell five meters deep into […]

Israel: Two dead in terrorist attack in Hadera – News Abroad

Two Israelis were killed in a bloody terrorist attack in the northern Israeli city of Hadera on Sunday evening. Four other people were treated for injuries, said the Israeli rescue service Magen David Adom. According to media reports, the dead are police officers. One victim is male, the other female. Photo: Twitter ” data-zoom-src=””/> Videos […]

McDonald’s in Russia: 270-kilo man chains himself to the branch – politics abroad

This Russian doesn’t like that at all McDonald’s closes all branches in his country. The pianist Luka Safronov-Zatravkin (31) chained himself to the door of a fast-food chain restaurant in Moscow at the weekend – to protest against the closures announced for Tuesday as a result of the Ukraine war to protest. After his sensational […]