Gustavo Petro, a hope for change or the risk of becoming Venezuela?

On Sunday, May 29, Colombians will elect their next president. Since the last presidential elections in 2018, the left has been very successful, especially with the candidate Gustavo Petro. It is followed by Colombian youth, who demand change and improvement of living conditions in the country. But the country is divided between the enthusiasm for […]

Netflix, Meta, TikTok or Twitter: the big names of Formentera20

Once a year, Formentera opens its doors to the best talent of the country’s digital culture in a meeting for calm debate and reflection on new communication trends. That is the goal of Formentera20a multidisciplinary event devised in 2012 by the journalist Rosa Castells that seeks to place the paradise island of Pitiusa on the […]

Are they called marbles or balls?: the game that divides social networks

Canicas or balls? That is the question. This is the latest discussion on the social network Twitter. The word “marbles” is trending as a result of the publication of a user who posted a photo and asked: “How did you call this? I’m little balls like any good person.” From there, the avalanche of comments […]

Victories and defeats of ties – Vedomosti

The presidential debate in the United States is a delicate game, the rules of which sometimes change in real time. There are no trifles here, because the stakes are too high. Millions of people follow the candidates closely, assessing not only their political programs and reactions to questions, but also such non-verbal sources of information […]

“Vaccinated against covid will be like flu”

Binnopharm Group Holding is the first manufacturer of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine. Its main shareholder is AFK Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov, who has been collecting various pharmaceutical assets since 2018. Today they are merged into Binnopharm Group. Initially, the holding planned to become the leader of the pharmaceutical industry only in Russia, but now it […]

Rada voted for Ukraine’s withdrawal from the CIS Antiterrorist Center

The Ukrainian Parliament adopted a law on the country’s withdrawal from the decision to establish the Anti-Terrorist Center of the CIS member states, according to the official website of the Verkhovna Rada. 309 deputies voted for this decision. “Ukraine during 2014-2015. did not take part in the practical measures provided for by the Program of […]

Google, Meta and Telegram face ad ban in Russia

What have large IT companies already been fined for? Decisions on turnover fines – just for Google and Meta – have already been made in Russia, but under the article on repeated non-deletion of prohibited information. In December 2021, the justice of the peace for the Tagansky district of Moscow fined Google 7.2 billion rubles, […]