3 lakh fine for non-payment of corona vaccine Do you know in which country?

The Austrian government has announced a fine of about Rs 3 lakh for failing to vaccinate against corona. Corona virus is on the rise around the world. The nations of the world are taking many steps to eradicate the corona. In that sense, the vaccine works against corona. In this case, the corona vaccine is […]

FSIN named the reason for the riots in the colony in Vladikavkaz :: Society :: RBC

Riots in one of the colonies of Vladikavkaz occurred during searches of prisoners, according to the regional department of the Federal Penitentiary Service, reports TASS. According to the service, they were organized by two prisoners of IK-1, who were searched. As RIA Novosti also writes with reference to the Federal Penitentiary Service, they were kept […]

Election workers jumped out at short notice all over Berlin

Berlin – The election officer from the Pankow district had already reported on Saturday that 70 election workers in his area of ​​responsibility jumped out at short notice. As a result, a telephone hotline was set up for people who want to help out on the spot. “You can also hear from other Berlin districts […]

American Whelan released from a punishment cell in a Russian colony

American Paul Whelan, convicted of espionage in Russia, has been released from a punishment cell in a Mordovian colony. This is reported by the defense of the American with reference to the brother of the convict. “David wrote that Paul was released from the punishment cell on Friday. He already called his parents on Saturday, […]

Italian team shot the Spaniards – European Championship 2020 – Kommersant

The first finalist of the European Football Championship was the Italian national team. In the London semifinal match with the Spaniards, she was very close to victory and defeat, and her success – after a draw in regulation and extra time with a score of 1: 1 – brought a penalty shootout. This match was […]