Harden is out of his contract, Marie is moving to Atlanta

ONE System | 30/06/2022 00:35 James Harden (Reuters) The hot day that goes on in the trade market in the NBA does not stop. After Washington star Bradley Bill chose to step down from his current contract and become a free agent, now Philadelphia star James Harden is taking a similar step, only he is […]

Anchor was first selected by Orlando

ONE System | 24/06/2022 05:17 Paulo Ankro and Adam Silver (Reuters) Jabari Smith will go to Orlando, Chet Holmgren will be selected by Oklahoma and Paulo Ankro will arrive in Houston, NBA reporter Adrian Wozniacki revealed just hours before the start of the draft. The Magic selected Paulo Ankro, Duke’s forward, in the first place, […]

Old blunderbusses and anti-tank missiles at the Oaks Fair

REPORTAGE – While the Biden Administration wants to take advantage of the general outrage over the recent mass shootings to further regulate arms sales, the public gathered at this arms fair seems convinced that it is necessary to be able to defend oneself. Special correspondent in Oaks (Pennsylvania) “No picture here!” Dee Ann jumps from […]

Three dead, 11 injured in Philadelphia shooting

AOn Saturday evening (local time) in the US metropolis of Philadelphia, three people were killed by gunfire on the open road. Eleven other people were injured, police said. There were several shooters. The incident reportedly happened on a street known for its lively nightlife. A total of 14 people were taken to hospital with gunshot […]

Miami went up to 0: 1 over Philadelphia, Hiro excelled

ONE System | 03/05/2022 06:26 Tyler Hiro from Basot in Miami (Reuters) The Eastern Semifinals between Miami and Philadelphia opened tonight (Monday through Tuesday) as the Heat went up 0-1 with a 92: 106 home win over the Sixers that came without the injured Joel Ambide. Tyler Hiro who himself was in doubt for the […]

Will be absent until further notice: Ambide is suffering from a crisis in his face

ONE System | 30/04/2022 06:21 Joel Ambide (Reuters) A not-so-simple blow to Philadelphia just before its series against Miami in the NBA. Sixers star Joel Ambide will be out until further notice, as he suffers a facial crisis and a slight concussion. Ambide was injured during the game against Toronto (97: 132 win) after already […]

Wants to run Brooklyn with Durant

ONE System | 26/04/2022 09:56 Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant (Reuters) The NBA playoff series summoned us tonight (Monday through Tuesday) celebrating one big one from Boston, and disappointed with Brooklyn that was relegated after a resounding 4-0 sweep. In the United States, they did not feel sorry for the Nets and criticized the stars: […]

The triple finger? Hell, this is the playoffs

ONE System | 18/04/2022 08:25 Warm atmosphere. Kyrie Irving (Reuters) If anyone still had a doubt, the playoffs are here – and by and large. Boston went up to 0-1 over Brooklyn with a dramatic 114: 115 home win from Jason Taitum’s basket with the buzzer, but in the end whoever stole the show was […]

Cleveland is waiting: Atlanta ousted Charlotte

ONE System | 14/04/2022 06:03 Diandra Hunter and Trey Young Celebrate (Reuters) Just before the start of the NBA playoffs, tonight (Wednesday-Thursday) in the playoffs in the East, Atlanta ousted Charlotte thanks to a 103: 132 victory. The Hawks went up for the eighth and final ticket against Cleveland, which is worth a series against […]

Will Boston meet Brooklyn? Locked the regular season

The regular season in the NBA closed tonight (Sunday through Monday) and the playoff series were finally scheduled. At the center is Boston, which defeated Memphis and finished second in the East, so it could face Brooklyn. Miami first, Milwaukee third and will meet Chicago and Philadelphia, from fourth place, will play against Toronto fifth. […]