the “alert level” is reached on public finances, according to Bruno Le Maire

The Minister of the Economy explained on Monday that today France borrows “at more than 2%” to finance public spending, when it did so recently at negative or very low rates. France has reached itshigh alerton public finances, said Monday the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire, at a time when the executive is […]

French public debt reached 112.5% ​​of GDP at the end of 2021

The debt stood at 2813.1 billion euros, detailed the statistics institute. It represented 114.6% of GDP at the end of 2020. French public debt was reduced at the end of 2021 to 112.5% ​​of GDP, INSEE said on Tuesday, taking advantage of strong growth last year. Read alsoWho are the creditors of our 2813 billion […]

The Ministry of Finance listed measures to stabilize the public debt market

The Treasury Department, in order to strengthen financial stability against the backdrop of US sanctions, will make decisions on the issuance of federal loan bonds (OFZ), taking into account market conditions. This is stated in the message of the ministry. “In order to help strengthen stability in the Russian debt market, decisions on the need […]

The share of non-residents in the Russian public debt has reached a six-year low

The share of foreign investments in Russian federal loan bonds (OFZ) decreased to 18.8% by January 28. This is the lowest value since July 2015. Last week, non-residents withdrew 53.4 billion rubles from the OFZ. Moreover, for Thursday and Friday, the net outflow amounted to 30.5 billion rubles. According to VTB Capital, last week the […]

US Senate Approves Raise Of Public Debt Ceiling Ahead Of Treasury Deadline

The US Senate voted to raise the government debt limit by $ 2.5 trillion, to $ 31.4 trillion, C-SPAN TV reports. Senators supported the bill by a margin of one vote according to party affiliation: 50 Democrats voted in favor, 49 Republicans voted against. The document is pending approval in the US House of Representatives. […]

New record for public debt, almost 2700 billion – New record for the Italian public debt, which comes to almost 2700 billion euros. To certify it are the Bank of Italy data, which show how public government debt in June increased by approximately 9.2 billion compared to the previous month, amounting to € 2,696.2 billion. The numbers of the central bank The […]

Accounts Chamber: Russia’s national debt approaches 20 trillion rubles

The state debt of Russia for the first quarter of 2021 increased by 741.3 billion rubles. and amounted to 19.7 trillion rubles. (about 17% of GDP), follows from the report (.pdf) of the Accounts Chamber on the execution of the federal budget for January-March this year. Domestic debt is at the level of 15.434 trillion […]