Seconds are like years, and the description of “League of Legends” Morgana’s Q technology imprisonment “lasts about 3 years” has become a gamer laughing meme | 4Gamers

“League of Legends” Morgana’s Q skill “Shadow Imprisonment” is a very threatening directional field control skill for the early LoL player community. In the Debuff text, it shows that it “lasts for about 3 years”, and this is likely to be an easter egg left by the Riot Games developers deliberately playing tricks. Yes, players […]

AGON and Riot jointly launch the world’s first “League of Legends” e-sports screen, with gold trim and lighting effects to restore Hextech | 4Gamers

“League of Legends” players rejoice! Professional gaming monitor brand AGON by AOC and Riot Games jointly launch the world’s first “League of Legends” gaming monitor, the design is inspired by the combination of technology and magic Hexian style, which is set in the game to be accessible to everyone Exquisite craftsmanship, and can do anything […]