Websites of Lithuanian government agencies subjected to cyberattacks

A number of websites of Lithuanian state structures, including the ministries of foreign and internal affairs, defense and justice, work intermittently. When you try to go to the site, the message “page blocked” appears. According to the Elta agency, the State Tax Inspectorate of the Baltic Republic stopped the activity of information systems and stated […]

DiMartedì, Cacciari blurts out: “I favor Putin, but what does he say”

Massimo Cacciari engages in a question and answer session on Ukraine (and Putin) with Piero Fassino at diMartedì on La7: “The enlargement of the European Union, pulling itself into NATO, was not a way of dealing with Russia – says the philosopher who then, urged on by Floris’ questions, blurts out: “I am against Putin, […]

Google has banned a number of Russian media outlets from receiving advertising revenue

A number of Russian state media will not be able to make money on advertising on their websites, applications and on YouTube, a corresponding ban following a similar step by Facebook was initiated by Google, Reuters reports citing a company statement. The division of Google YouTube announced the suspension of the monetization of a number […]

The Bell: banks and companies held exercises in case of anti-Russian sanctions

First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov held a series of meetings last week regarding the readiness of certain sectors of the economy for the possible imposition of sanctions against Russia. This was reported by The Bell, citing government sources. The meetings were held following the results of stress tests or so-called exercises of Russian companies […]

Zakharova spoke about the preparation by the West of major provocations

The statement of the British Foreign Office about the preparation of a coup in Ukraine is a hoax, and the West may continue to carry out a number of informational provocations and manipulations in the future, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on the Rossiya TV channel. In her opinion, London was preparing a […]

Durov appreciated the proposal of the Central Bank to ban cryptocurrencies in Russia

Telegram creator Pavel Durov commented on the proposal of the Central Bank to ban operations with cryptocurrencies, saying that this would lead to an outflow of IT specialists from Russia and the destruction of a number of sectors of the high-tech economy. Developed countries, Durov notes, do not ban cryptocurrencies, as this would slow down […]