That’s how I missed the amazing exit of Ethan Wertheimer – TheMarker

That’s how I missed Ethan Wertheimer’s incredible exit TheMarker Businessman Ethan Wertheimer has died at the age of 70 Ynet Yedioth Ahronoth The industrialist and businessman Eitan Wertheimer passed away at the age of 70 Globes Businessman Ethan Wertheimer has died at the age of 70 TheMarker After a serious illness: Billionaire and businessman Ethan […]

Thus, Ayalon Insurance missed one of the best years in the industry

Insurance companies will be happy to capture 2021 – while the five largest companies in the industry have recorded profit records. The Phoenix recorded a profit of NIS 2.3 billion, Migdal with a profit of NIS 1.7 billion, Harel earned NIS 1.5 billion, Clal Insurance with a profit of NIS 1.4 billion, and Menora Mivtachim […]

Baby puree producers warn of possible price increases

Manufacturers proposed to exclude baby puree from the canned food labeling experiment, since against the backdrop of an increase in the cost of packaging, freight transportation and the cost of goods, labeling can lead to an increase in the price of products by another 10%, Izvestia reported with reference to a letter from the Rusbrand […]

Nabiullina announced the imbalance in the pace of mortgage lending in Russia

The pace of mortgage lending is now unbalanced and leads to a rise in housing prices, so they need to be slowed down, Central Bank Chairman Elvira Nabiullina said at a press conference. “The pace of mortgage development is not balanced now, in our opinion. Such rates were just one of the key factors in […]

Toyota retained its world leadership – Business – Kommersant

Today, the Japanese automaker Toyota announced that in 2021 its sales amounted to 10.5 million vehicles. Thus, the company retained its first place in the world in car sales, followed by the German Volkswagen with 8.9 million units. Toyota’s annual report released today says that “the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic last year was […]

WSJ: ideas put forward by Russia at the talks worry US allies

US NATO allies are concerned about some of the proposals that the American side presented to Russia at the last negotiations on security guarantees, since the States did not first discuss these ideas with partners, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing diplomats of the military alliance. Diplomats did not name specific countries that expressed concern, […]

The Ministry of Health called the unvaccinated “bridgehead of evolution” COVID-19

Coronavirus can evolve both in the body of vaccinated and unvaccinated people, but in the case of the latter, the likelihood of the emergence of new strains increases, said Vladimir Chulanov, chief freelance infectious disease specialist at the Ministry of Health. “An unvaccinated person is, as it were, a springboard for the evolution of the […]

Apocalypse city // What happens in rebellious Almaty

The riots that engulfed Almaty on January 2 are still not over. Day and night in the city you can hear shooting, on the streets you can find cars riddled with bullets with the dead, whether there is power here or not, it is impossible to understand. One thing is certain: the security forces control […]