The international space station caught up in the war in Ukraine

The Westerners “should think about the price of sanctions against Roscosmos”. In a tweet posted on Saturday March 12, the director of the Russian space agency, Dmitry Rogozin, spoke of a possible fall to Earth of the International Space Station (ISS), caused by the sanctions targeting Russia in retaliation for the offensive in Ukraine. The […]

The ISS may be deorbited and flooded in the Pacific Ocean in January 2031

The International Space Station (ISS) may be deorbited and flooded in the Pacific Ocean in 2031, follows from a report by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The US agency’s mission to the ISS conducts an annual review of its program and budgetary needs. “According to the latest budget estimate, in which it […]

The redevelopment of the Milan Cadorna railway station

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Rogozin announced the need to launch a station to Venus by 2030

Russia needs to launch a space station to Venus by 2030, otherwise it will cease to be among the three great space powers, said Dmitry Rogozin, CEO of the state corporation Roscosmos, whose words were reported by RIA Novosti. “Until 2030, we believe that this should be done in any case, otherwise we will simply […]

Air quality checked in Moscow after complaints of burning smell

The Office of Rospotrebnadzor in Moscow did not find any excess of the maximum permissible concentration of harmful substances in the air after citizens complained about the smell of burning, which appeared simultaneously with the fog in the capital. “On November 2, air sampling was carried out in all administrative districts of the city in […]

Las Vegas got into Elon Musk’s loop – Hi-Tech – Kommersant

Last week, the Las Vegas authorities allowed Elon Musk to significantly expand the tunnel system called the Vegas Loop, which began operating in the summer. Now the total length of the tunnels through which Tesla electric vehicles transport passengers in shuttle mode is only 4 km and has six stations. In the near future, the […]

Cat with a billboard – Video

During the day, a giant cat appears in front of the busiest railway station in the world: it walks a little, meows and takes a nap. A hyperrealistic model for a media facade was mounted in MicroAd Digital Signage and Yunika Vision, the picture is displayed on a 4K LED screen. The owner of the […]