WhatsApp will allow you to edit text messages after sending them

WhatsApp is developing a new feature that will allow users of the application edit your text messages once they have been sent, which will save them from having to delete them to rewrite them. The new feature will allow WhatsApp users to edit their messages, in case they made a mistake in some way when […]

“Jelly effect” at Apple asked for a lawsuit – Kommersant FM – Kommersant

Apple gadget users filed a class-action lawsuit against the company for the so-called jelly effect. We are talking about the features of the display in the sixth generation iPad mini. Tablet owners have noticed that when scrolling through an image, the left side of the screen lags behind the right side. That is, the restoration […]

Telegram added quick reactions, hidden text and message translation

Telegram messenger has released version 8.4.1 with a number of new features. The developers have added the ability to quickly respond to a message with two clicks on it – you can react with emoji selected in advance. Also in Telegram, translation of messages in channels, chats and “spoiler protection” became available. In addition, hidden […]

Comic is detox – Vedomosti

On January 15, 2021, at the Artcurial auction in Paris, an anonymous private collector paid € 3.2 million for a small painting, done in watercolor, ink and gouache. The sheet of paper 34 x 34 cm with the image was not well preserved – it was folded in half, and there were some spots on […]

ONF proposed to introduce criminal punishment for the substitution of telephone numbers

The All-Russian Popular Front (ONF) sent a letter to Maksut Shadayev, the head of the Ministry of Tsifra, in which he proposed to introduce criminal liability for organizing a service for the substitution of telephone numbers and the substitution process itself. This was reported by the Kommersant newspaper with reference to the text of the […]

Media learned about the threat of banning Samsung Pay in Russia

Russia may prohibit the operation of the Samsung Pay payment system due to a patent dispute, Kommersant reported, citing the text of the decision of the Moscow Arbitration Court. The Moscow Arbitration Court satisfied the claim of the Swiss company Squin SA against Samsung Electronics Rus Company and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. for the use […]