“The Andy Warhol Diaries”: baldness and loneliness

The series, directed by entertainment content professional producer Ryan Murphy (known for Body Parts, American Crime Story) and Andrew Rossi, best known as a documentary filmmaker (After the Truth: Disinformation and the Price of Fake News), takes as a basis the diary entries of the famous American artist Andy Warhol and builds a texture around […]

Corridor diplomacy

Russia and Ukraine agreed to create humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of the population, as well as the delivery of food and medicine to areas where hostilities are taking place. This is the only publicly announced result of the second round of negotiations between the delegations of the two countries, which took place on Thursday […]

Investor George Soros bought 20 million shares of Rivian

American financier and investor George Soros has bought nearly 20 million shares of electric car maker Rivian worth about $2 billion. The deal took place in the fourth quarter of last year, Reuters reports. The purchase of shares made the Soros Fund Management Soros Fund Management Rivian’s largest investor, the agency notes. 20% of the […]

Why is Boris Johnson’s party scandal soaring? – Kommersant FM – Kommersant

The scandal surrounding the parties of the British Prime Minister during the lockdown is growing – Boris Johnson had to go for interrogation, and the media predicted his imminent resignation. The Prime Minister attended several such events in 2020 and 2021. At first, Johnson denied everything, but then confessed and asked for forgiveness, including from […]

Novak Djokovic was suspended in a net – Sport – Kommersant

In Melbourne, the draw for the Australian Open, a Grand Slam tournament starting on 17 January, took place. The question of the participation of the first racket of the world Novak Djokovic in it remains open. The Serb’s rival in the 1/64 finals was his compatriot Miomir Ketsmanovic, but Australian Minister of Immigration Alex Hawk […]

Man’s Hockey Match – Picture of the Day – Kommersant

Hockey Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko played in Strelna, in the Arena ice sports palace. The glass and concrete building was having the best day of its life. The presidents of Russia and Belarus went here after negotiations in the Constantine Palace. “Today,” Vladimir Putin said to his colleague in the Constantine Palace, “there is […]

Five-Cup Team – Sport – Kommersant

The final match of the Russian Basketball Cup among women’s teams took place on Saturday. Dynamo Kursk and Nika Syktyvkar fought for the trophy. The game, contrary to the forecasts, according to which Dynamo should have won an easy victory, since Nika due to injuries was able to bring only seven basketball players to Kursk, […]

How Pete Docter got his mind on Soul

Collective responsibility How are Western and Eastern European schools of animation different? “Eastern European animation films are more of a work of art,” Docter told Radix. – They really express a personal view. And what we do is more like vaudeville or entertainment. We also have some personal vision, but we also always keep the […]

Angela Merkel summed up the line – Kommersant FM – Kommersant

Angela Merkel left the post of German Chancellor. On December 2, a solemn ceremony was held in Berlin, which is traditionally seen off by high-ranking politicians. About 200 people were admitted to the event, a quarter of them were ministers, whom Merkel led over the 16 years in power. She was escorted by the light […]