Putin urged to accelerate the pace of digital transformation in Russia

Russia needs to accelerate the pace of digital transformation in order for the technologies of the future to improve the quality of life of people, President Vladimir Putin said during a speech at the international conference on artificial intelligence and data analysis Al Journey 2021. “We need to increase the pace of digital transformation everywhere […]

The digit was sent for processing – Newspaper Kommersant No. 202 (7164) dated 09.11.2021

The White House has decided on the directions for the innovative development of the manufacturing industry, having approved a strategy for the digital transformation of the industry until 2030. The outcome of its implementation should be a transition to automated flexible production – this will be facilitated by virtual testing of products and the transformation […]

Russian Post plans to use blockchain to control shipments

Russian Post plans to “implement supply chain tracking using blockchain technologies” – this project is included in the company’s digital transformation strategy. Mail plans to introduce the service in 2023–2025, follows from the document (available from Vedomosti). “We are working on developing services and increasing the transparency and efficiency of our logistics processes,” a representative […]

Nickel instead of platinum – Science – Kommersant

Employees of the Research Laboratory “Perspective Carbon Nanomaterials” of the Chemical Institute named after AM Butlerov of Kazan Federal University have created an efficient and inexpensive nickel-based catalyst for the conversion of toxic 4-nitrophenol to 4-aminophenol. “Paranitrophenol (4-nitrophenol) is either a reagent or a by-product in many organic synthesis reactions. It poses a serious environmental […]

The authorities approved the strategy of digital transformation of the Russian economy

The Presidium of the Government Commission on Digital Development has approved the strategy for the digital transformation of the Russian economy, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko said. He noted that “this year’s events” helped shape it. What exactly is included in the strategy has not yet been reported. “We have approved the digital transformation strategies […]

WADA on the mill of the USA – Sport – Kommersant

The most notable event at the regular meeting of the Board of Founders of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was the speech of Regina Labelle, Director of the White House Department of National Drug Policy Control (ONDCP). She received an invitation to the meeting after the ONDCP once again accused WADA of unwillingness to carry […]