NATO calls Russia ‘strategic partner’, ‘major threat’

First Published Jun 30, 2022, 6:12 PM IST തAt the NATO summit in Madrid, the 30-member NATO alliance made it clear that Russia is the biggest threat to our security and security. At the same time, NATO countries for the first time accused China of posing a threat to its own security. President Joe Biden […]

Turkey lifts its veto and paves the way for Sweden and Finland to join NATO | The agreement would end decades of neutrality of both Nordic countries

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced an agreement between Turkey, Sweden and Finland that has made it possible to reverse Ankara’s veto to the accession of these two Nordic countries to the Atlantic alliance. The Turkish government said that Sweden and Finland accepted its demands to lift the veto on its entry into NATO, including […]

Heavy rains in Turkey; Black Sea provinces at risk of flooding

First Published Jun 29, 2022, 11:05 AM IST വTUKK – Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in at least three places in western Turkey today. Many bridges and roads were damaged by heavy rains. Two people are reported missing. Turkey’s Emergency and Disaster Authority (AFAD) says more than 200 people have been rescued or […]

Turkey maintains its veto

At the Madrid summit, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is due to meet his Finnish counterpart as well as the Swedish Prime Minister to discuss their candidacy, according to Helsinki. ADEM ALTAN/AFP DECRYPTION – As the Madrid summit opens this Tuesday, June 28, efforts are intensifying to try to convince the Turkish president to review his decision. […]

In Turkey, the Pride March harshly repressed

Above the white helmets of the Istanbul police, the molested demonstrators brandish their rainbow flags. On Sunday June 26, nearly 400 people, activists and journalists alike, were arrested in the Turkish capital for taking part in the Pride March banned by the authorities for security reasons. “For some of us, Gay Pride is still a […]

Inflation in Turkey: “I will have to bury myself alive”

IstanbulIt’s dinner time and the Ebro, which will feed four mouths, has just cooked the typical red lentil soup and some spaghetti. As today is a special day, it will accompany the meal with a chicken thigh. The minimum wage for this girl and her husband does not come close to educating three teenage daughters: […]

Outsourcing of asylum: questioned and scarcely effective models

The plan of United Kingdom for deport asylum seekers until Rwanda it is far from a novel experiment. Since the beginning of this century several rich countries have implemented similar formulas to outsource asylum and the partial management of its borders. The efficiency of these models has been highly questioned and the abuses against human […]

Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and Turkey are now on Saudi radar VIDEO – NEWS 360 – GULF

Mohammed bin Salman – Saudi ruler, to establish friendship with neighboring countries. Especially with three countries – Egypt, Jordan and Turkey. These are three countries that do not ideologically agree with Riyadh. Muhammad bin Salman is trying to turn these disagreements into consensus. He has visited all three countries over the past three days.

the “little Olympics” of French volleyball player Luka Basic

Published on : 25/06/2022 – 14:56 With an Olympic champion title in Tokyo, France shone last summer in volleyball. This time, it’s team A’ that sticks to it and dreams of also winning gold in Oran, as part of the Mediterranean Games. Luka Basic is part of the band. From our special correspondent in Oran, […]

Report: Turkey thwarted Iranian attempt to harm former Israeli ambassador

Just before visiting Lapid: Turkish intelligence revealed today (Thursday) that it had thwarted an attempted abduction and injury to a former Israeli ambassador and his wife who were staying at a hotel in the Yuglo district, near the Old City area. Following this, the police and the Turkish National Intelligence Organization carried out an extensive […]