Seeha centers set up for Covid testing for foreign travel

Abu Dhabi | Need an urgent covid-19 test to travel out of the country? Visit Drive Through PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) testing centers across the UAE. Private centers in the northern emirates charge between Dh150 and Dh300 for the test, while government-run Zeeha centers charge Dh40 for the test. But prior approval is required for […]

The remains of the largest carnivorous dinosaur discovered on the Isle of Wight

Jun 10 2022 07:33 Paleontologists have found fossilized bones on a rocky beach on the Isle of Wight in England that are the remains of a carnivorous dinosaur that may have been larger than any other dinosaur known from Europe, a beast that was a relative of the largest carnivorous dinosaur species ever recorded. Scientists […]

Apple surprised everyone with this big change in the iPhone operating system

Published date: 06-10-2022 – 02:37 am Juhayna News – Apple unveiled its biggest update to the iPhone operating system this week at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, which included the biggest change to the appearance of the iPhone’s lock screen since 2014, and improvements to commonly used apps like Messages, Mail and Maps. The update […]

Sony sells 20 million PlayStation 5 consoles

Tokyo (dpa) Japanese electronics giant Sony Corp. has sold more than 20 million units of the PlayStation 5 computer game console around the world since its launch in November 2020.Games, which specializes in computer game topics, stated that the new generation of the famous PlayStation 5 game device reached this large number of sales, […]