A suspect was involved in the shooting incident at a club in Haifa

Two days ago, the Israel Police opened an investigation into a shooting incident at a club on Histadrut Boulevard in Haifa, during which the security guard returned fire. As a result of the security guard’s shooting, one of the two suspects was fatally injured and was taken to Rambam Medical Center in the city, and […]

Mahmoud Alhabash, Abu Mazen’s adviser on the meeting that took place …

MivzakLive News System 30 December 2021 | 19:50 Speaking messages, flashes Mahmoud al-Habash, Abu Mazen’s adviser on the meeting with Gantz with Bennett’s approval: “The relief we have received will help the Palestinian citizen to own his land and give him time to continue the struggle against the occupation.” The Bennett fraud government is dangerous […]

12 helicopters and two refueling aircraft were purchased for the IDF

The U.S. Department of Defense’s procurement delegation tonight (Friday) signed an agreement (LOA) for the purchase of 12 helicopters made by the American company Lockheed Martin-Sikorsky, which will replace the Air Force’s old storm helicopters. The deal is estimated at $ 2 billion in US aid. The agreement, with the US Navy (NAVY), through which […]

An indictment was filed against Gabi Magenzi for fraud bribery and breach of trust in three different authorities

The Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office today (Thursday) filed an indictment in the city district court against Gabi Magenzi, 50, and Magenzi Infrastructure Ltd. for committing bribery, fraud and breach of trust and receiving anything fraudulently under aggravated circumstances. According to the indictment filed, through attorneys Rivka Alkobi and Nati Ben Hamo, Magenzi committed serious offenses […]

The leader of the Islamic Jihad threatened, MK Ben Gvir did not remain obligated

Didi Alaluf 30 December 2021 | 20:26 Flashes The leader of the Islamic Jihad, Ziad Nahala, threatened today (Thursday) that if the administrative detainee Hisham Abu Hawash, who has been on hunger strike for more than a hundred days, his organization will treat it as an assassination operation, and will act in accordance with his […]

Yeshivat Chumash: “The talk of a withdrawal is a reward for terrorism

On behalf of Yeshivat Chumash, it was announced today (Monday) against the background of the publications that there are contacts to evacuate the yeshiva from Chumash and transfer it to Eviatar: “We will never leave Chumash !, we will not negotiate a withdrawal from Chumash, “Rejected immediately, we returned to the Chumash to correct the […]