“Include in barter”: Griner’s trial began

ONE System | 01/07/2022 13:29 Britney Griner handcuffed in Russian prison (Reuters) American basketball star Britney Griner appeared today (Friday) for a court hearing in Moscow, about four and a half months after she was arrested on charges of possession of cannabis at an airport while traveling to play for a Russian team. Griner was […]

Capital Market: What will the fruit agency look like in the NBA?

The NBA is on a three-month hiatus, or in other words – a time when all league fans live from report to report. Starting tonight (Thursday-Friday) at 01:00 the news from America will pick up gear when the opening shot of the Perry Agency, the free agent market, is heard. Already yesterday, even before the […]

Harden is out of his contract, Marie is moving to Atlanta

ONE System | 30/06/2022 00:35 James Harden (Reuters) The hot day that goes on in the trade market in the NBA does not stop. After Washington star Bradley Bill chose to step down from his current contract and become a free agent, now Philadelphia star James Harden is taking a similar step, only he is […]

Reinforcement for the Hawks: Jonetta Marie joins Atlanta

An interesting first big deal tonight (Wednesday through Thursday), in the NBA. Jonata Marie, the talented San Antonio guard who has played for the team since 2016, then selected 29th in the draft, leaves the Spurs and joins the Atlanta Hawks, where he will collaborate with Trey Young. The Spurs, who appear to be rebuilding, […]

Goods towards Poland: must be mentally strong

Winner League Basket 21-22 Game board Cycle 36 – 09/06/2022 Hapoel Holon 74 – 90 Bnei Herzliya ONE System | 29/06/2022 20:04 Guy Goodes (Itzik Belnitsky) Tomorrow (Thursday, 21:30) the Israeli team will play away against Poland as part of the current team window in the Mondobasket qualifiers. Guy Goodes’ team, which is preparing for […]

I ruined what I was trying to build with Real

ONE System | 28/06/2022 13:03 Thomas Hartl (Real Madrid Twitter) Thomas Hartl, The French player from Real Madrid, spoke about his difficult season in the French media and returned to the moment when he found himself out of anger and frustrated: “I ruined what I was trying to build with a big club like Madrid. […]

Kyrie decided: “Exercise the option in Brooklyn” – Sports5

Playing or not playing, Kyrie Irving is always one of the most interesting names in the NBA, and it looks like he will continue to be like that next season as well. The talented but also incredibly problematic quarterback of the Brooklyn Nets, made the decision about his future next season when he announced that […]

Maccabi Tel Aviv submitted an offer to Wade Baldwin

(In the player above: The game in which Baldwin scored 27 points against Maccabi Tel Aviv in the arena)As published on the Sports Channel website, Maccabi Tel Aviv goes for Wade Baldwin. The Yellows have submitted an offer to Guard who excelled last season in Basconia. As is well known, one of the main goals […]

Yam Madar will not take part in the summer league with Boston

Winner League Basket 21-22 Game board Cycle 36 – 09/06/2022 Hapoel Holon 74 – 90 Bnei Herzliya ONE System | 24/06/2022 16:40 Yam Madar (Itzik Blanitzky) ​​Great news for the team. The Basketball Association officially announced today (Friday) that Yam Madar will not participate in the NBA Summer League with the Boston Celtics, and will […]

Anchor was first selected by Orlando

ONE System | 24/06/2022 05:17 Paulo Ankro and Adam Silver (Reuters) Jabari Smith will go to Orlando, Chet Holmgren will be selected by Oklahoma and Paulo Ankro will arrive in Houston, NBA reporter Adrian Wozniacki revealed just hours before the start of the draft. The Magic selected Paulo Ankro, Duke’s forward, in the first place, […]