Tagesspiegel: January 15, 1922: Ireland is separated from Great Britain and proclaimed a free state

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Under Saturday, January 15, the book of history records, among other things:

532: Popular uprising (“Nika Uprising”) in Constantinople against Emperor Justinian I. The Great Palace, Hagia Sophia and numerous other buildings are set on fire.
1362: The second Marcellus flood or Grote Mandränke on the North Sea coast begins, which claims more than 1,000 lives by January 17th.
1552: Protestant princely conspiracy against Emperor Charles V under the leadership of Elector Maurice of Saxony: In the Treaty of Chambord, they promised the French King Henry II the Imperial Vicariate over four towns in Lorraine (Toul, Verdun, Metz and Cambrai) in return for large monetary payments. The emperor cannot assert himself militarily against France, the cities definitely remain under French control.
1582: With the armistice of Yam Zapolski, a village near Novgorod, the Livonian war over the Baltic ends. Tsar Ivan IV (“the Terrible”) cedes Livonia to the Polish-Lithuanian crown under King Stephen Báthory. The agreement was negotiated with the participation of the Jesuit Antonio Possevino.
1797: London haberdasher John Hetherington was the first to wear a top hat in public.
1892: The Canadian James Naismith published the rules for basketball for the first time in the US magazine “Triangle”.
1912: In the war against Turkey, the Italians in Libya use an airplane for propaganda purposes for the first time: Leaflets call on the Tripolitans to surrender.
1922: Ireland is separated from Great Britain and proclaimed a Free State.
1922: In Berlin, German Jews set up a fund to build up Palestine as a Jewish home.
1922: In France, former President Raymond Poincaré becomes Prime Minister after the fall of Aristide Briand and hardens the course against the former war enemy Germany.
1927: The West German Radio broadcasts its opening concert on the stations Langenberg, Münster and Dortmund.
1947: The USA breaks off its mediation efforts in the Chinese civil war. The communists demand participation in political power before their military integration, which the Kuomintang government opposes.
1957: In the course of “Egyptization”, the Egyptian government creates a state economic organization and at the same time decrees that foreign banks, insurance companies and import agencies are fully Egyptian owned.
1962: Dutch naval units sink an Indonesian speedboat off the coast of western New Guinea.
1987: In Europe, more than 200 victims of the cold are registered.
1992: The EC as well as Austria and Switzerland decide to recognize Slovenia and Croatia.
1997: An agreement on Hebron will be initialed at a summit meeting between Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Erez border crossing. It provides for the withdrawal of the Israeli army from large parts of Hebron, but still has to be approved by the Israeli government, the Knesset and the Palestinian government.
1997: Andorra is included in the World Health Organization (WHO).
2002: Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien reshuffles cabinet. Ten ministerial posts will be filled.

birthdays: Molière (Jean Baptiste Poquelin), French comedy poet (1622-1673); Josef Breuer, Austria physician, physiologist, philosopher (1842-1925); Rex Ingram (aka Reginald Ingram M. Hitchcock), Irish-US. film director (1892-1950); Ibn Abd al Asis Saud, King of Saudi Arabia (1902-1969); Michel Debré, French politician (1912-1996); Hans-Reinhard Müller, German actor/director. (1922-1989); Franz Fühmann, German author (1922-1984); Paul Marcinkus, US Archbishop, President of the Vatican Bank 1972-1989 (“Banker of God”) (1922-2006); Barbara Coudenhove-Calergi, Austria journalist (1932); Margaret O’Brien, US actress (1937); Michael Schanze, German entertainer, TV presenter (1947); Michael Ausserwinkler, Austria. Physician and former politician, (1957); Richard Seeber, Austria Politician (1962).
days of death: Juan de Herrera, Spanish architect (Escorial) (1530-1597); Georg Kerschensteiner, German teacher (1854-1932); Herbert Ihering, German dramaturge (1888-1977); Rudolf Carl, Austria actor (1899-1987); Oscar Auerbach, US pathologist (1905-1997); Carlo Fruttero, Italian writer (1926-2012).
name days: Paul, Romedius, Maurus, Arnold, Ida, Gabriel, Konrad, Makarius, Habakkuk, Imbert, Silvester.

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