Tagesspiegel: November 10, 1826: Ferdinand Raimund’s magic fairy tale with singing, “The Farmer as Millionaire”, is premiered in Vienna.

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On Wednesday, November 10th, the book of history records, among other things:

911: With the Franconian Duke Konrad I, a non-Carolingian is elected King of Eastern Franconia for the first time.
1526: The Hungarian estates elect the Prince of Transylvania, Johann Zápolya, as king in Stuhlweissenburg.
1746: Emperor Franz I. Stephan decides that the City Council of Frankfurt may not treat its citizens as subjects.
1826: Ferdinand Raimund’s magic fairy tale with singing, “The Farmer as a Millionaire”, is premiered in Vienna.
1876: The Schiller monument is inaugurated in Vienna.
1966: The permanent NATO Council lifts the pipe embargo against the Soviet Union that came into force on March 18, 1963.
1976: At the request of Lebanese President Elias Sarkis, Syrian troops with a mandate from the Arab League are marching into Beirut to end the fighting between the civil war parties.
1991: Viennese municipal and state elections: The SPÖ loses an absolute majority of the votes, but retains them in mandates. The second strongest party is the FPÖ, which overtakes the ÖVP. For the first time, the Green Alternative moves into the Vienna City Council.
1996: A German suicide pilot steers his single-engine “Piper” against the rock massif of the Zugspitze.
2001: After fifteen years of negotiations, China’s application to join the World Trade Organization is accepted.
2011: The popular initiative “Education Initiative” (November 3rd – 10th) is signed by 383,724 voters, that is 6.07 percent of the voters.
2011: The National Agency for the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Austrian Commission for UNESCO officially includes the “Viennese Coffee House Culture” in the National Directory of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The award ceremony will take place in the Café Weimar in Vienna.

Birthdays: Werner Zemp, Switzerland. Poet (1906-1959); José Antonio Portuondo, Cuban. Writing (1911-1996); Louise Martini, east Actress (1931-2013); Hermann Czech, east Architect (1936); Johannes Swoboda, east. Politician (SPÖ) (1946).
Days of Death: Leo I, the great, saint, pope (around 400-461); Daniel Gottlob Moritz Schreber, German doctor and educator, founder of the allotment gardens (1808-1861); Arthur Rimbaud, French poet (1854-1891); Abel Gance, French film director (1889-1981); Gustave Roud, Switzerland. Poet (1897-1976); Sir Gordon Richards, British jockey (1904-1986); Jack Palance, US actor (1919-2006); Walter Waldherr, east. Journalist (1920-2001); Hans-Peter Minetti, German actor (1926-2006); Ken Kesey, best-selling author (1935-2001); Anton Gugg, east. Cultural journalist (1953-2016).
Name days: Andreas, Leo, Justus, Irmengard, Avelino, Probus, Johannes, Jens, Nymph, Stefan, Hermann.

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