Tagesspiegel: October 13, 1996: In the first Austrian elections to the EU Parliament, the ÖVP and its top candidate Ursula Stenzel become the strongest party

On Wednesday, October 13th, the book of history records, among other things:

1781: Emperor Joseph II issued the Edict of Tolerance, which allowed Protestants and Orthodox to practice their religion freely.
1921: Signing of the Venice Protocol to conclude the talks between Austria and Hungary on the settlement in Burgenland. Burgenland is handed over to Austria without a fight.
1961: The first traffic light with a so-called “Ampelmännchen” is presented in East Berlin. The traffic psychologist Karl Peglau invents the symbol of the red and green walking “traffic light man” for pedestrian traffic lights.
1981: In Egypt, Vice President Hosni Mubarak is elected to succeed the murdered President Sadat.
1991: In Bulgaria the anti-communist “Union of Democratic Forces” wins the parliamentary elections.
1996: In the first Austrian elections to the EU Parliament, the ÖVP with its top candidate Ursula Stenzel becomes the strongest party. The SPÖ suffers heavy losses.
1996: The era of “Red Vienna” is coming to an end in the federal capital. The SPÖ only got 43 seats in the municipal council elections (1991: 52).
2001: A misdirected US bomb hits a residential area in the Afghan capital Kabul.
2016: US songwriter Bob Dylan received the Nobel Prize for Literature for his “poetic new creations in American song tradition” and thus sparked a debate about the literary status of song texts.

Birthdays: Otto Unverdorben, German chemist / pharmacist, discoverer of aniline (1806-1873); André Navarra, French musician (1911-1988); Yves Montand, Italian-French performer / singer (1921-1991); “Ray” Brown, US jazz musician, bassist (1926-2002); Christine Nöstlinger, east. Writer (1936-2018); Paul Simon, US singer (1941); Robert “Bob” Hunter, Canada. Journalist, environmentalist, author and politician; 1979 co-founder and second chairman of “Greenpeace International” (1941-2005); Sacha Baron Cohen, British comedian and actor (1971).
Days of Death: Hermann v. Siemens, German chemist / industrialist (1885-1986); Marius Casadesus, French concert pianist (1892-1981); Joe Sullivan, US jazz musician (1906-1971); Henri Nannen, German publicist (1913-1996); Gerhard Wimberger, east. Composer / conductor (1923-2016); Dario Fo, Italian playwright, director, actor and theater director; Nobel Prize 1997 (1926-2016); Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX), King of Thailand (1927-2016).
Name days: Koloman, Eduard, Lubentius, Gerald, Isabella, Aurelia, Simbert, Theophil, Gregor, Andrew.


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