Tagesspiegel: October 17, 1891: The Art History Museum opens in Vienna.

On Sunday, October 17th, the book of history records, among other things:

1806: The former slave Jean-Jacques Dessalines, who was proclaimed Emperor of Haiti as Jacob I in 1804, is murdered by conspirators.
1891: The Art History Museum opens in Vienna. It houses the entire Habsburg image treasure since the 15th century. All major European schools are represented.
1896: Anton Chekhov’s comedy “The Seagull” premieres in St. Petersburg.
1931: The notorious gang boss Al Capone is convicted of tax evasion, no other crimes can be proven. The sentence, eleven years in prison and a $ 50,000 fine, will be announced on October 24th.
1941: The head of the Vichy regime collaborating with Nazi Germany, Marshal Philippe Pétain, announced in a radio address that he had been imprisoned for life in a fortress against former Prime Ministers Léon Blum and Édouard Daladier, whom he held responsible for the war and the defeat of France.
1956: Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain opens the world’s first commercial nuclear power plant in Calder Hall in northern England. The reactor is cooled with gas, which transfers the heat generated in the fuel assemblies to a steam turbine for further use.
1961: On the XXII. At the CPSU party congress in Moscow, the Soviet party leader, Khrushchev, initiated a second “de-Stalinization” with strong criticism of the so-called “anti-party group” around Marshal Voroshilov, Malenkov and Molotov.
1991: The German Bundestag ratifies the German-Polish treaties with a large majority.
1996: Russian President Boris Yeltsin dismissed General Alexander Lebed as head of the National Security Council after just four months. Lebed got the important office after receiving 15 percent of the vote in the presidential election and casting a runoff recommendation for Yeltsin and against Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov.
2001: The far-right Israeli tourism minister Rehavam Zeevi is shot dead by extremists from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) after the Israeli army killed PFLP leader Abu Ali Mustafa in the occupied West Bank with a targeted missile attack.

Birthdays: Leopold Kupelwieser, east. Painter (1796-1862); Maila Talvio, Finnish writer (1871-1952); Gero Merhart von Bernegg, Eastern Switzerland. Prehistorian (1886-1959); Ernst Hinterberger, east. Writer (1931-2012); Adam Michnik, Polish politician (1946); Christoph Marthaler, black. Theater director (1951).
Days of Death: Édouard Henri Naville, black. Egyptologist (1844-1926); Ferdinand Ebner, east. Philosopher (1882-1931); Albert Cohen, black. Writer (1895-1981); Berthold Goldschmidt, British composer (1903-1996); Georg von Rauch, German historian (1904-1991); Jay Livingston, US composer (1915-2001); “Tennessee” Ernie Ford, US country singer (1919-1991).
Name days: Rudolf, Ignatius, Hedwig, Hadwig, Florentine, Ethelbert, Marie-Louise, Augusta, Victor.


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