Under Monday, September 20, the book of history records, among other things:

1866: Prussia annexes Hanover, Kurhessen, Nassau and Frankfurt am Main, which were allied with Austria in the Austro-Prussian war.
1896: The first motorcycle race in the world is held. The route runs from Paris to Nantes and back.
1916: Austro-Hungarian troops capture Petrozsény on the Carpathian front and occupy the Szurduk Pass.
1931: The British pound is being detached from gold and devalued.
1941: In the south of the Eastern Front, German troops reach the Sea of ​​Azov, the German 17th Army takes Krasnograd.
1946: The Festival International du Film will take place in Cannes for the first time – Guest of Honor: Sophia Loren.
1946: In an Icelandic-American agreement, the withdrawal of US troops from Iceland is agreed.
1951: The Interzonal Trade Agreement (Berlin Agreement), which forms the basis of intra-German trade, comes into force.
1951: The Swiss Council of States again rejects the right to vote for women.
1951: The admission of Greece and Turkey to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is approved.
1961: The Leipzig cultural philosopher Ernst Bloch decided not to return to the GDR from a vacation in the Federal Republic.
1981: 5,000 diseases caused by mussel poisoning in Spain.
2001: US President George W. Bush calls on all states to take a stand in the war on terrorism. Any country that protects terrorists is seen as an enemy.
2006: After several countries in Europe, genetically modified rice is also found in Austria. The foods that tested positive are two long-grain rice products from the USA that contain traces of non-approved LL601 rice, as well as rice noodles from China that are contaminated with BT63.
2006: Federal Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel (ÖVP) caused a stir in the election campaign when he said that given the high number of black women ministers, the “feminists” should actually “lie flat” in front of him.

Birthdays: Richard Steidle, east Politician (1881-1940); Rudolf August Oetker, German entrepreneur (1916-2007); Wolfgang Gruner, German cabaret artist (1926-2002); Philipp Vandenberg, German writer (1941); Elisabeth Max-Theurer, east. Dressage rider, Olympic champion 1980 (1956); Jon Bernthal, US actor (1976).
Days of Death: Raimu, French actor (1883-1946); Georgios Seferis, new smell. Lyric poet; Nobel Prize 1963 (1900-1971); Paul Erdös, US math genius (1913-1996); Andrzej Munk, Polish director (1921-1961); Curtis Hanson, US film director (1945-2016).
Name days: Fausta, Eustachius, Friederike, Candida, Susanne, Philippine, Traugott, Pomposa.

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