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Chennai: As the Pongal gift package bag to be given to ration card holders by the Tamil Nadu government is printed as Tamil New Year greetings, it seems that the DMK government is going to declare the first day tomorrow as the Tamil New Year.

Tamils ​​have been celebrating the 1st of January as Tamil Thirunal and the 1st of Chithirai as the Tamil New Year from time to time. In this context, Karunanidhi, who was the then Chief Minister in 2008, enacted the Tamil New Year Act. In it, he announced that the first day of Thai would be celebrated as the Tamil New Year. This was opposed by various parties. After the change of government in 2011, Jayalalithaa became the Chief Minister. Following this, the then AIADMK government, which had tabled a bill in the Assembly to repeal the Tamil New Year (Proclamation Act) 2008, declared Chithirai 1st as the Tamil New Year and passed the bill.

With the Tamil New Year still being celebrated on April 1, it is doubtful whether the Tamil New Year will be changed again as the DMK has now re-established its rule. However, no such announcement has been made so far. In this context, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Stalin had ordered that ration card holders be given a gift package of 20 items on January 1, the day of Pongal. The release of the photo of the bag provided with this collection has caused new confusion.

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The stamp of the Government of Tamil Nadu was printed on both sides of the bag. Along with it is a picture of farmers celebrating Pongal with cows and on the other hand it is printed as ‘Happy Tamil New Year Pongal Greetings’. Thus, it is said that the Government of Tamil Nadu is again declaring the first day of January as the Tamil New Year. This has again caused confusion among Tamils. Many people are commenting that they are doing politics alternately with Tamil New Year.



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