The Chinese Air Force sent 52 aircraft to Taiwan, with China displaying its manpower targeting the island. In response, Taiwan has prepared jets.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said 39 Chinese planes had entered Taiwan’s Air Defense Identity Zone (ADIZ) and 13 more on Monday. The first group, which includes 34 J-16 fighter jets, four electronic fighter jets and one H-6 bomber, said there were 10 J-16s, two H-6 bombers and one Y-8 submarine on Monday.

China has sent aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense zone in the past – but has not entered Taiwan’s airspace. It’s been China’s show of strength and military training.

In October last year, China’s air infiltrations increased to unprecedented levels. And on the same day last year, 56 planes flew into the air defense zone.

US-Japan military exercises:

Reports in the Chinese media said that recent air incursions into the Taiwan air defense zone may be in retaliation for US-Japan exercises. Although the two countries have been separate since the end of the Chinese Civil War in 1949, China sees Taiwan as its province.

Last year, China’s incursions on October 1 coincided with its National Day, and October 10 preceded the National Day celebrations in Taiwan.

Although the two countries have been governed separately since the end of the Chinese Civil War in 1949, China still sees Taiwan as its province. Relationships collapsed. China has increased its pressure on Taiwan, including the exclusion of a few remaining countries that maintain formal governmental relations with Taiwan. That means China has stepped up its pressure on Taiwan since the 2016 elections of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and Thisai Ying-wen. It is also worth noting that Thissai was re-elected president for a second term in 2020 after a landslide victory.

China has accused him of insisting on Taiwan’s independence. At the same time, Tsai said that Taiwan wants to maintain the status quo and work with the aim of “preventing Beijing from becoming unilateral.”

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