Take a look at the canceled show and who was hosted by the great Hasidic singer?

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(Shabbat Square Studio)

The musicians Aharleh Smet, Benny Laufer, Shloimi Meir and the Melkot Choir, were recorded this week in emotional songs at the graduation ceremony by the Ofakim community with the participation of hundreds of yeshiva students and rabbis.

(Photo: Hezchi Zorger)

Some powerful moments from singer Yonatan Razel’s album launch show at ‘Zappa Jerusalem’ last week, as captured by Yitzhak Hertz’s camera lens. ‘Zingar’ received particularly secret information from dozens of people who claim that the album itself was released only after LJ Baumer. ‘Zingar’ himself also held a launch show at his living room, without an audience and without documentation.

The musician’s owner, Rabbi Moshe Zvi Weintraub, was recorded jumping the members of the Halperin family at the joy of the Mitzvah Tanz – at the wedding of the daughter of the real estate developer and network star Shuki Salomon, who hosts the week’s parshat corner in the Shabbat Square, with the son of businessmen Shmulik and Nana Halperin. Although he was not invited to the event, he celebrated it at the “Rabbi Akiva Eiger meal” on a cracker and Stikle Herring.

Later in the week, we saw the father of the groom, Governor Shmulik Halperin, in a musical duet for the song: ‘Y-Ha Aksuf’ with the musicians David Toiv and Hezki Katz and the father of the bride, of course, Shoki Salomon. ‘Zinger’ vehemently protests the performance of the song on a weekday without a steaming dish of tcholant next to him

(Photo: Moishi Bichler)

Between the holy and the sand in a new rap version, get a glimpse of the rehearsals of the singers Adi Gabison and Shuli Rand ahead of Gabison’s show at the Passover Passover Bar Ya’akov where he will host Rand. ‘Zingar’ likes the combination between the Barsalbar and the Chabadnik and he is trying to figure out who is the holy and who is the sand.

Singers Yishai Rivo, Naftali Kempe, Assaf HaRosh and Haim HaBri, media consultant Ari Hamanik and ultra-Orthodox security man Avigdor Drexler – jump to the music of musicians Yonatan Razel, Yosef Kardoner and Aharleh Nachsoni, in the ‘Azmara’ show at the Hauma buildings in Jerusalem. ‘Singer’ is waiting for the “Giveld” show with Mea Shearim songs performed by the Klatskin brothers.

“Father, King of the World” • What strengths! The great singer Avraham Farid was recorded singing movingly with Yeshiva students during a show in collaboration with ‘Kol Hai’ and ‘Kol Hai Music’ in the Hauma buildings in Jerusalem. The show included songs chosen by the audience and combined classics that Fried has not performed for many years.

(Photo: Shlomi Kornik)

During the performance, a very close friend of ‘Zinger’, the music critic of the Shabbat Square, Nathaniel Leifer, came up and presented Abraham Fried with his thesis that he wrote about him as part of his master’s degree studies. ‘Zinger’ learned in a way that cannot be explained how, that Avraham Fried had called on the flight, repeat the work, marveled at the amount of work on it and promised to also send some corrections to various details.

Watch the attached greeting:

During the show, Fried also hosted the younger generation of Jewish music for the first time. One of the guest artists was the singer and composer Moshe Peled who performed with Farid in a duet with his song ‘Oto Hayom’; And the singer Motti Weiss with his songs ‘Mechuchot Tovot’ and the rising hit ‘Ahab Torah’ in the song of Elhanan Elhadad who stood behind the scenes and was elated by the crowd’s singing.

‘Zingar’ is debating whether in the words that only today will come, Peled actually meant the day when he will sing with Fried on the same stage…

(Nati Badash PR and Eli Kovin)

Good thoughts (Israel Ginzburg)

Earlier in the show in front of the women, the singer Moshe Klein took the stage for a surprising duet with Fried for the song ‘Rather’. Klein, who also serves as a busy wedding singer, could not attend the later men’s show. Lucky we have a record left.

(on the public relations front)

The singer Natanel Israel performs the song ‘Standing at the Gate’ and shares from the heart about the situation in the country: “Many things are happening here that we don’t necessarily understand, it seems that the earth is boiling and the horses are galloping without seeing where, we can only cope if we unite, if we close the screens and look into each other’s eyes we will find out That the demon is not that big and we can beat it.”

(piano and photo: @yakov__azulay)

In Yishai Rivo’s show for about 500 Yeshiva students in Jerusalem, Rivo’s friend the singer and composer Avraham Shalom also participated as a guest singer. Watch clips from the exciting show.

The singers Haim Israel, Nemuel HaRosh, Moshe Luke and Moshe Devik gathered this week for final rehearsals ahead of the Shas movement’s ‘Welcoming the Rabbi’ event at the Arena in Jerusalem, but a few hours later they were informed that the show was unexpectedly canceled by order of the party’s rabbis. He gathered this week for rehearsals in preparation for his welcome show and after a few hours he learned that the show was surprisingly canceled. ‘Zinger’ always declares: “There is nothing like a good rehearsal”.

Revealing ‘Zingar’: the network star and singer Shoki Salomon, in the recordings for a new published song he wrote and will be published soon: ‘Shir Toda’. Arrangement: the musicians Shmulik Berger David Toiv. ‘Zinger’ is already dizzy from Salomon’s rhythm and is waiting for the new song.

The singer Yishai Rivo was recorded in Kablat Shabbat songs during a performance last Friday in Jerusalem. ‘Zinger’ is already eagerly waiting for the new album.

(Yitzhak Hertz Yitzy’s_photos)

Last week, the music video for the show ‘Yeshivashir 5’ of Kol Brama radio was launched – Zingar received an exclusive recording of the arranger and conductor Yoeli Dikman teaching the singing functions to thousands of yeshiva students just before the filming. Zingar has learned that the people photographed have nothing to do with the article, although it is definitely a particularly fun experience.

The singer and composer Eli Friedman held his traditional inter-temporary show “Singing with Eli Friedman” in Yoda’s courtyard in Jerusalem with the participation of dozens of his fans and performed his best hits from all the years with the audience who accompanied him with tremendous singing.

submission: Nathaniel Leiperco-producer: Itzik Ohana

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