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LONDON The UK woke up this morning in shock, hit by the shock wave of Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey. Two hours of open-hearted confession that dealt a devastating blow to the monarchy: as the newspapers wrote, a grenade was expected, but those sank the entire fleet. The nuclear missile launched at the Windsors is the accusation of racism: the royal family he would have objected to the fact that little Archie, the son of the Dukes of Sussex, was in danger of having “too dark” skin.

What’s worse, Harry and Meghan did not want to reveal who the author of the comments was: thus letting suspicion glide over all the royals (although it was later specified that neither Elizabeth nor Philip are under accusation).

In a multi-ethnic society like Britain’s, this is it the end-of-the-world weapon: racism is experienced as an unacceptable opprobrium, which no one can survive. And it is no coincidence that the London government immediately marked the distance, stating that “there is no place for racism in our society»: While Labor even demanded an investigation by Buckingham Palace.

Harry, Meghan and the “break” with the royal family: the stages

But souls are divided. The Times this morning is aroused with an extensive commentary entitled “The Sussexes have to pay the price for burning the bridges”: and the author asks for Harry and Meghan to come stripped of their royal titles. A point of view that many have shared on social media in the last few hours. On the other side of the Atlantic, the reactions are instead compact: the Americans, if possible even more sensitive to the issue of racial discrimination, have all lined up in defense of Meghan. Crowds of celebrities, from Serena Williams to Amanda Gorman, took the field to express their indignation. And one wonders if this cultural rift cannot even touch the relations between Biden and Johnson. Instead at the Palazzo, for the moment, everything is silent. But the pressures for a stance are growing: and it is unlikely that the queen, who was already informed about the contents of the interview at breakfast, could continue to pretend nothing happened. As the painful experience of Diana’s death 24 years ago teaches, silence is not always the best choice.

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