Take care of yourself, take care of your money!

AIEF – Italian Association of Financial Educators adheres to Global Money Week, the week from March 22-28 is dedicated to the financial literacy of young people around the world, thanks to the Global Money Week (GMW) annual event promoted byOECD. Coordinating the 2021 edition in Italy is the Committee for the planning and coordination of financial education activities. The theme of this edition of the GMW is “Take care of yourself, take care of your money!” (Take care of yourself, take care of your money!). Stay up to date on the events of the Global Money Week in Italy at this link. Here the AIEF Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/aiefofficial/

Investments on the stock market

From 16 to 25 years of age. On Friday 26 March, at 5 pm, the webinar aimed at young people (no particular experience in the economic field is required) by Paolo Brambilla, sponsored by the Press Agency Trendiest News. What is Borsa Italiana, what function does Consob (control body) have, how to choose the shares to be purchased on regulated markets.

Financial Education: A Response to the Changing World

Those with greater financial knowledge plan their future more, save more and invest their savings better, borrow less and manage their debt better. In all countries enormous changes are taking place with profound repercussions on the economy and on the small and large decisions that each citizen is called to make in the course of life. A higher life expectancy will require a different planning of one’s future, capable of taking into account the prolonged need for resources necessary to lead a satisfying life and to address the needs of care.

The labor market is changing and will continue to do so in the future. Even the social security system, which passed from a pay system to a contributory one, has profoundly changed. The lengthening of life expectancy and the lower level of pensions, compared to the allowance received by current retirees, may require citizens to build a plan in time to face the non-working period and the possible transition to the retirement.

Financial markets have become more complex and the range of products available to citizens has expanded. The advent of technology and digital services is destined to radically transform the habits of citizens and the activity of businesses and will have a strong impact on the financial sector.

The webinars aimed mainly at young people

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