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On September 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin voted online at the starting elections, met with the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov, confessing to him which of the people around him (not to be confused with the environment) contracted the coronavirus, and served almost three hours, though and in the same online mode, at a joint meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in the capital of Tajikistan. Special correspondent “b” Andrey Kolesnikov – about how easy it is, it turns out, to combine, if you suddenly do not need to fly to Dushanbe.

It is not a secret (or a secret? .. will you get confused here already …) that some of the meetings of Vladimir Putin with the heads of the regions are not, so to speak, live. So, this in no case could be said about the meeting with the governor of St. Petersburg: it went on Friday “off the wheels.” And the point was, of course, what Vladimir Putin wanted to say and said at the very end (the conversation itself certainly did not force this):

– We must not forget to revaccinate in time. Some of my colleagues from the protocol, from the security service, from the press service did not make the vaccine on time, did not follow the titers that they should protect, and this is the result – I have to work for some time in conditions of forced isolation …

Previously, of course, they would have applied measures in accordance with all the laws of wartime, which, without a doubt, is the era of the fight against COVID, and they would never have come out of a coma, even if artificial, even natural, even if they really wanted to … And now Vladimir Putin, it seems, thought more about the well-being of these people than even about his own.

Although the threat was so direct and obvious that it does not fit in my head now: we are talking about the security of the head of state. Okay, they got sick, but why did they contact all day? And not one or two people. In general, earlier, in those very times, it would have been qualified as a well-planned and well-prepared sabotage, and the participants in the operation would have looked like shahids in the eyes of investigators.

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– The most important thing is that the vaccinated (Even if they forgot to repeat. But they could. – A.K.), those who have encountered an infection pass it quite easily, without serious complications, – the president added. – You just need to keep this in mind, and, of course, not only in St. Petersburg, but throughout the country.

However, now it may turn out that Vladimir Putin is one of those who, not only a shahid’s belt, but also COVID does not take, and this is worth something (if not all).

Meanwhile, this was not the first event Vladimir Putin had on this day. Even earlier, he voted online in the parliamentary elections by pressing several buttons in a row (the impression is that it is arbitrary). At the same time, none of the entourage (those who fell with COVID, for sure, as experienced people, would not have allowed this, and new people, without quotation marks with a small letter, did not have time, apparently, to get used to the intricacies of electronic voting), it seems, did not take into account that it was necessary to vote in two ballots (or even in three: in some constituencies it was necessary to elect deputies to the Moscow City Duma) sequentially, and the Russian president with the second ballot, where not single-mandate candidates were represented, but parties, if we understood correctly from the video, simply neglected …

And even earlier, the Russian president took part in the very SCO meeting in Dushanbe, which he did not attend.

It was decided to make it joint with the CSTO session. That is, Alexander Lukashenko joined the discussion. Belarus is not a member of the SCO (it has observer status), but after the President of Belarus signed the integration documents in Moscow, Vladimir Putin apparently decided to encourage the Belarusian president and make him feel like a big player on the real world stage, that is at the same table with the President of the PRC.

Together with Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, that is, in fact, the main players in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, confirmed their online presence with all their appearance.

And the sitting on the air went on, by the way, for almost three hours. That is, all heads of state were supposed to speak. And it made sense to listen to some performances.

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For obvious reasons, we discussed the situation in Afghanistan. So, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, without hesitation, spoke extremely loyally about the Taliban government (the Taliban movement is banned in the Russian Federation.— “B”).

– The fact that everything happened (change of power. – A.K.) without bloodshed and mass exodus of the population of Afghanistan (several hundred thousand people, obviously, do not count in comparison with how many there could have been – and most importantly, there will still be, by all indications. A.K.) should be seen.

He continued, and it turned out that “the main thing is that the conflict in Afghanistan does not resume” (that is, that everything remains as it is. – A.K.). And he criticized the former Afghan government for “living on 75% of foreign aid.”

“Now is the time to just stand next to the Afghan government,” concluded Imran Khan.

Obviously, substituting his shoulder, or rather all these shoulders.

But he ended in justice for the sake of something else.

“I want,” he admitted, “to greet my brother Vladimir Putin in connection with the beginning of the procedure for admitting Iran to the SCO as a dialogue partner.

In fact, as it turned out later, his brother went much further and initiated the procedure for the admission of Iran immediately to the SCO membership.

Vladimir Putin himself once again used the opportunity to qualify the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan as a flight (at any opportunity he does it without much enthusiasm, but he simply does not forget).

The President of Russia caught what the Prime Minister of Pakistan had mentioned and unexpectedly even agreed with him:

– Indeed, the change of power took place almost bloodlessly – this is undoubtedly a positive moment. The Taliban now control almost the entire territory of Afghanistan.

But that was not all:

“And the new Afghan authorities should be encouraged to fulfill their own promises to establish peace, normalize public life, and ensure security for all. And in this regard, it would be possible to work out the question of resuming the activities of the SCO-Afghanistan contact group, which was just created at one time to work with Afghan partners.

But true, with other Afghan partners.

Yes, it is cynical, but not to waste the good. After all, such a commission is undoubted good for the people of Afghanistan.

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We talked a lot about the large-scale humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. The President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev spoke with common sense: he offered Western banks to unfreeze the state assets of Afghanistan. So many have learned that they are frozen.

The President of Belarus again, like the day before, at the CSTO session, really felt like a major player in the international arena – and even much more than the day before.

“We fully support China’s position on a number of issues …” he informed the PRC President and the whole world.

But not for all, of course … Not for all …

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi participated in the beginning of the procedure for admitting his country to the SCO members online and explained from the very beginning that Iran most of all interferes with countries such as the United States (he devoted their policy, which now does not look all-conquering, of course, most of his speech), by the fact that Iran has a reserve of spirituality, which other countries are deprived of (he did not specify which ones, but still would like to).

Finally, at the personal invitation of the President of Tajikistan, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov arrived in Dushanbe, a rare guest at such events (he lives more and more dissolving in himself and in his people). Suffice it to say that he took the initiative to hold an “international conference of landlocked developing countries.” From the suffering inherent in this one formulation, it was very uncomfortable, I think, to everyone present.

The President of Turkmenistan proposed to urgently “study the genome of the coronavirus” (apparently, as a doctor in the not too distant past), focusing on the fact that “this will be a factor of mutual revival … uh … rapprochement between the SCO and Turkmenistan” (and in fact, most likely , did not make a reservation).

The last to speak was the President of Mongolia Ukhnagiin Khurelsukh, whose last name the President of Tajikistan was unable to pronounce the first time (and the second was not) – unlike, by the way, the moderator of the plenary session of the recent Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Sergei Brilev.

And because persistent training will still make itself felt at the right time.

It’s not in vain, understand.

Andrey Kolesnikov


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