“Taking a disaster on tens of thousands of families”

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The struggle declared by the State of Israel in the trial of the South African corona strain, the Omicron, and the restrictions approved yesterday by the Corona cabinet, including a ban on foreign tourists entering Israel and an isolation obligation for 72-year-olds vaccinated abroad, subject to negative PCR testing.

Lena Drowczewski, Deputy Chairman of Moreshet Derech – The Association of Guides in Inbound Tourism to Israel, emphasized that the restrictions on the tourism industry that were passed last night are a severe blow. “The decision of the Corona Cabinet leads to the complete collapse of the inbound tourism industry in Israel. This is the sixth largest industry that provides income to hundreds of thousands of businesses.”Drowczewski explained, emphasizing that “the sweeping ban on the entry of foreigners is a direct continuation of the previous unclear policy: closure without compensation. We demand compensation from the Israeli government for the lost months of work and formulate an appropriate economic response following the new situation, as promised by government ministers. At the press conference. “

Bennett at the opening of the Corona Cabinet meeting: “The recommendations we will present tonight are one position of all professionals” // Photo: Roi Avraham, GPO, Sound: Ben Peretz, GPO

The deputy chairman of Moreshet Derech added that “the main conclusion from all the outlines presented so far is that the government is detached from reality and causes tourists and tourism agents around the world to express distrust in bringing tourists to Israel, as there is no orderly and responsible policy.” The easy solution of recent Israeli governments is to first close the gates of Ben Gurion Airport, and only then to think about the catastrophe that this is causing tens of thousands of families. These families are unable to survive while politicians promise solutions and do not comply “We will continue to fight and intensify our steps in the coming days.”

In addition, against the background of the Cabinet’s decision to add almost all countries of the African continent to the list of red countries – and to charge all returnees from a red country, including vaccinated and recovering, in full isolation – there is a wave of cancellations of holidays on the continent.

Ben Gurion Airport (archive, those photographed have nothing to do with the news), Photo: Coco

Shlomo Carmel, from the tourism company “Another World”, attacked the government’s decision and told “Israel Today”: “Only the State of Israel, ‘packs’ the entire second largest African continent in the world, 54 countries and a population of over one billion and 300 million people. One package.England was first with a limit of 6 countries in South Africa, followed by the European Union limited to 8 countries, the USA limited to 8 countries in South Africa and Australia limited to 9 countries. The ease with which there is a finger on the trigger of limitations is unbearable. contempt? holes? Maybe racism? Apparently the tremendous pressure on the government and the fear that the plague will bring it down, cause irrationality. It is important to note that Africa is a large continent and Tanzania is not in South Africa. We expect a declaration that will liberate Tanzania and other countries that are not part of it. “

Travel agent Israel Rahmani stressed that there was a fear of significant economic damage due to the restrictions announced by the government, and told Israel Today: We have to fly to the Seychelles and Mauritius this week for the Hanukkah holiday, they will remain disappointed in the country and we are currently arranging a refund for them. “The prime minister said that these decisions have economic consequences, but the one who is currently carrying them is us, the government is not compensating the tourism and airline companies for the losses it is causing them.”.

Nir Mazuraf, VP of Aviation Relations, commented on the new restrictions and stressed that “last night’s government decision is another blow to the tourism industry, which has only just begun to recover from the blow that the Corona plague landed on it. At present we still do not see significant cancellations, except for the Seychelles and certain countries in Europe where closures have been imposed, and the desire to return to fly makes passengers who have booked long-haul flights wait and not rush to cancel. We continue to monitor the decisions and hope that the picture will clear up soon. “

Tali Yativ, owner and CEO of Spirit Productions, commented on restrictions imposed on destinations where morbidity is defined as low and said: Months. These are two destinations that are closed to tourists and flights from South Africa and their morbidity is low and yet they have turned red. Since the announcement, we have been making every effort to find our customers good and safe alternatives. We work around the clock to cater to all our customers. Throughout the Corona period, we have maintained our customers and we will continue to do so. “

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