Taliban quagmire; Public flogging of women accused of adultery and homosexuality

Kabul: The Taliban publicly punished women in front of thousands of people in the football stadium. 12 people, including three women, were publicly flogged by the Taliban authorities. The sentence was carried out on charges of adultery, robbery and homosexuality. According to a BBC report, this is the second time in a month that the Taliban have carried out public floggings. People fear that Afghanistan is returning to the brutal and demonic Taliban regime seen in the 1990s.

Omar Mansoor Mujahidiya, one of the Taliban leaders in eastern Afghanistan, said the women were sent back after the punishment. They were given 21 to 39 lashes. The maximum number of lashes a person can receive is 39. He told local media that if Islamic laws are not followed, there will be punishment. Last week, 19 people were flogged in northern Afghanistan’s Takhar province.

The Taliban carry out public executions, public mutilations and stoning of those who do not follow Sharia law. The prosecutions and convictions carried out by the Taliban during their previous rule from 1996 to 2001 were widely contested. With his return to power last year, he saw the return of the old satanic laws. The Taliban have severely restricted women’s freedoms and violated their rights, as well as publicly punishing women.


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