Tamil Cinema Actor Kamalhaasan Classic Story Jai shankar help Is this legendary actor the cause of becoming a world hero? Interesting information published

It has now been revealed that actor Jaishankar is the main reason why Kamal Haasan, who is multitalented as an actor, director and producer in Tamil cinema, grew into an actor.

Kamal Haasan, who made his debut as a child star as Geminiganesan’s son in the 1960 film Kalathur Kannamma, followed by M.G.R. She has acted as a child star with some actors including Sivaji. After that, Kamal Haasan, who did not have a proper opportunity in Tamil in his teenage years, acted as a character actor in some films.

Apart from Tamil, he also acted in languages ​​including Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada. But at some point the acting opportunities got less and so he started his career as a technician. After that in 1973 K. It can be said that the release of the film directed by Balachander gave Kamal Haasan a new life.

Kamal Haasan, who acted in many films under the direction of K. Balachander, received a great response from the public after the film Arangertam and started getting opportunities from other directors as well. Taking advantage of such opportunities, Kamal Haasan is currently emerging as a leading actor in Tamil cinema.

But it has been revealed that actor Jaishankar was the one who was manipulated by Pilliyar to make Kamal Haasan reach this level. Kamal Haasan, who didn’t exactly have opportunities as a teenager, joined a choreographer as an assistant. Since then Kamal’s life has been moving towards dance composing and once Kamal got an opportunity to choreograph for Jaishankar’s film.

Jaishankar, who saw Kamal Haasan during the shooting, asked, “How long are you going to be behind the scenes? Is your life going to be like this?” He said that you should come to act. Not only that, he has asked Kamal Haasan to include a dance video in his film.

After that, Jaishankar acted as a villain in many films for Kamal Haasan, who is now a leading actor. Similarly, Kamal Haasan has said that Jaya Shankar is the main reason for turning his fan clubs into platforms. Jaishankar, who is described as the gemspanda actor of Indian cinema, has been turned into a global hero by Pilliyar.

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