Tamil Nadu education quality? Is Tamil Nadus education standard on the rise?

Tamil Nadu education quality?  Is Tamil Nadus education standard on the rise?

In Tamil Nadu, most of the mothers are in the ration shop, the fathers are in the liquor store, and the children are in a 30 feet high ‘cut-out’ to garland the cinema leader.

In such an environment, Tamil Nadu has fallen below the national level in the reading of language subjects and basic mathematics in the 2022 annual education report of ‘Acer’.

There is nothing to be shocked or surprised to see that Tamil Nadu lags behind Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in terms of development.

Hazard warning

This is something every parent should consider, not just educators.

The Tamil Nadu government, which prides itself as the best Tamil Nadu in education, number 1 in student enrollment, and number 1 in everything, according to this report, when the fact that it is far behind in reading language subjects in 3rd, 5th and 8th classes compared to 2018, when the fact comes out that it is far behind in basic math science knowledge, it is a warning to us. gives

Pratham, a non-governmental organization, has been doing many things for the development of rural poor students since 1996.

In 2004, when the United Progressive Alliance was in power, a survey was conducted in rural areas through this organization to find out the true nature of the state of Indian rural students in education. It tried to make many decisions through it.

According to a study conducted by this organization in 2018, students of Tamil Nadu, especially government school students, are lagging behind in learning and understanding. But then no one took it seriously.

From 2019 to 2021, due to the corona virus, there was a stagnation in education all over the world.

But, out of the bad, a good thing happened. From private schools across India, children joined government schools in large numbers. Enrollment of students in private schools has decreased.

exploratory survey

Enrollment in government schools in India has increased in Tamil Nadu, as in all states.

For the report for the year 2022, a survey was conducted on 7 lakh children in 19,060 schools in 616 districts across India.

On an average 30 villages per district were surveyed. 20 children per village were selected and survey was conducted.

The survey was conducted with 27,536 volunteers under the guidance of 591 joint ventures, 920 head coaches.

According to the data obtained from these surveys and surveys, the enrollment of children in government schools has increased from 65.6 to 72.9 percent. This is the situation of Tamil Nadu in the report released in 2018 as well. That’s what the National Achievement Survey report said.

It also surveyed over 1.25 lakh children in 22 districts in Tamil Nadu and revealed this information.

According to this study, they have achieved a level of 4.7 points from 11.6 points in third grade language numeracy test.

It is parallel to Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh. But, Uttar Pradesh has increased from 12.6 to 16.4. Bihar has achieved the target of 12.9 from 12.3.

Growth retardation

5th graders – We have dropped from 46.3 to 26.0.

Last, in 2018, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar were lagging behind us, from 36.2 to 38.3. It has also grown from 35 to 37.

Although the rate of growth is low, continuous growth can be seen everywhere. Our neighboring state Andhra is ahead of us.

As for fifth graders, we dropped from a 27 to a 14.7 in basic subtraction and division.

In eighth grade, we dropped from 75 to 62.8 in the language category. Not only that, we have also seen a decline in maths from 49.6 to 43.5.

Even in 8th standard, Uttar Pradesh lags behind Bihar in development. But 80 to 90 percent of our children come to school. If so, you have to think whether the problem is with the children

What is the reason?

Here, during the Corona period, children shifted from private schools to government schools due to fee issues.

But the fact is that till date they have not been provided even the basic facilities like classrooms, toilets and full-time teachers.

It would be good if the school education department report shows the importance given to the welfare of the children.

In Tamil Nadu, there is a huge distraction for children. It is cinematic addiction; It has turned out to be a wrong political path in many ways.

That is why we have children coming to school looking for drugs in their bags and alcohol in their mouths.

The achievement of the rationalists here is that freedom has taught girls that they can drink alcohol in public in school uniforms just like boys.

Due to this, without attention to studies, without understanding the family situation, cinema has created a generation addicted to fashion. This is the achievement of seventy years of Dravidian movements. That and the 2022 report clearly states that Tamil Nadu has gone back to pre-2012 status.

Tamil Nadu is first and foremost, and we are the ones who beat ourselves up as the reason for it, and we must also take moral responsibility for this setback.

If the Dravidians planted poisonous seeds in the younger generation that everything Hindu does is superstition, then it has reduced the younger generation to the infamous position of stabbing a unit in the back and going 30 feet high to worship ‘cut-outs’ of heroes.

A change in education

Children roaming around in the name of ‘Rutu Thala’ pose a threat if they travel by bus. Not only that, they take a terrifying ride on an electric train with a scythe. All in all, this is a good example of poison taking root.

Only if the roots are good, the tree will flower and bear good fruit. The family, society and nation will be better only if the younger generation grows up to be a good generation.

That is why the National Education Policy was formulated to fundamentally change the education of children.

We ignore it because of political vandalism. But we see the states that have adopted it progressing before our eyes.

Even West Bengal, which treats the central government as an enemy, is at the top in terms of enrollment. 92.2 percent from a very backward position.

Andhra Pradesh has gone a step further by strengthening the central government’s curriculum and making progress for the children.

The reason for our downfall is that we have taken various schemes from the National Education Policy, ‘Education by finding a home, counting and writing, I am the first, our school’, but not implementing it properly.


From three to 6 years of age, children should be taught and disciplined about relationships, morals, environmental cleanliness, faith in God, devotion to the nation, our culture, pride about our ancestors, and the importance of language through stories, dances, and songs.

Teach basic numeracy and literacy from 1 to 3 years old and test their learning comprehension in 3rd, 5th and 8th grades. Defects should be identified and the corresponding solutions should be corrected immediately in subsequent classes.

In the name of Kalaitruvizha, training should be done through cinema choreographers and not all in drama, but by giving importance to the arts in the respective villages, we should learn the students’ interest and introduce the industry there. Only then will they develop an attachment to where we are and the ability to adapt to the environment and move forward.

What to do?

The government should build basic infrastructure on a wartime basis. A school should establish the basic structure like classroom, teacher, toilet, adequate equipment, health workers and then set goals for the teachers.

Based on that, they have to do salary hikes, job transfers, everything.

The goal is not just to get children to score high marks or to get a large number of students to pass.

A goal is an integral one. Discipline, the ability to approach a subject, to put a subject in the office and think of another new venture, the ability to face any competitive exam, the courage to not take wrong decisions in any situation, is the secret of success.

to benefit

If you practice it, you can expect good progress in the next four years ie- 2027.

Let’s talk about ‘Look at the Delhi model and create the Tamil Nadu model’. However, whichever method they adopt to bring about change, it is not only the students but also the government that will benefit from the resulting boom.

Because the dream of a family is to enrich the children. If this government does it truly, not only Acer, NAS, but any survey and study will speak of our pride.

Weapons in the hands of men, how are they going to use them? Let’s wait and see.

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