Tamil Nadu won the championship in the final

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Syed Mushtaq Ali Cricket Tamil Nadu won the cricket final by 4 wickets.

Record: November 22, 2021 16:02

New Delhi,

Tamil Nadu team wins Syed Mushtaq Ali Cup T20 cricket final Tamil Nadu beat Karnataka by 4 wickets to retain the trophy.

Tamil Nadu-Karnataka clash in Syed Mushtaq Ali Cup final today In this match, Karnataka scored 151 runs for the loss of 7 wickets at the end of 20 overs.

Shah Rukh Khan hit a six off the last ball as Tamil Nadu needed 15 runs off 152 runs. Thus the Tamil Nadu team scored 153 runs for the loss of 6 wickets and won the thrill.

It is noteworthy that the Tamil Nadu team has won the Mushtaq Ali Trophy for the 2nd time in a row and 3 times so far.

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