Tamil News | 20 Savaran recovered from house maid in Rajini daughter jewelery theft case

Tamil News |  20 Savaran recovered from house maid in Rajini daughter jewelery theft case

In Chennai, in the case of theft of gold jewelery belonging to actor Rajinikanth’s daughter Aishwarya, the police confiscated 20 pieces of jewelery after questioning the two housemaids and the car driver.

Aishwarya, 41, of Ragweera Avenue, Boise Garden, Chennai; Daughter of actor Rajinikanth.

Currently, Aishwarya is living in Rajinikanth’s house at the above address.

Last Feb. 10, Aishwarya kept in her own ‘locker’ in this house, 60 pieces of Savaran jewelry like aram, necklace, kammal, bangle, navaratnam and diamond were stolen.

In this regard, he filed a complaint at the Thenampet police station on February 27.

The complaint stated:

I kept this jewelery worn by my sister Soundarya during her wedding in my own ‘locker’ in 2021 when I was in CIT Colony.

After that, I moved the locker thrice. Even then, there were jewels in that locker.

Currently, I live with my parents at Ragweera Avenue. In my room there, I had this locker.

Last February, the jewelery was stolen from the locker. The housemaids Ishwari, Lakshmi and the car driver Venkat all know the location of the ‘locker’ key. Didn’t break the locker. But the jewel got stolen.

Thus, I have doubts about all three of them. Arrest action should be taken against them and the jewels should be recovered.

Thus, he had said in the complaint.

It seems that even after more than 30 days of filing the complaint, the police have not taken any action.

Yesterday, Thenampet police registered a case against Iswari, Lakshmi and Venkat under Section 381 of the IPC.

In this connection, the police interrogated the trio and recovered 20 Sawaran necklaces from Ishwari.


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