Tamil News | 6 people arrested for slashing auto driver

Tamil News |  6 people arrested for slashing auto driver

Otteri: Mayakrishnan, 34, of Damodaran, Vyasarpadi, Chennai; Auto driver. Yesterday evening, he stopped an auto carrying some passengers near Jeeva railway station. At that time, Amarnath, an auto driver from the auto stop there, tapped him.

This led to an argument between the two. His friends, who came to support Amarnath, assaulted Mayakrishnan and slashed him with knives. He was seriously injured and admitted to Stanley Government Hospital.

Otteri police inquired about this and Amarnath, 28, of MM Garden, Vyasarpadi, his friends Prakash, 25, Sanjay, 21, Satishkumar, 28, Madan, 23, and Premnath, 22, were arrested yesterday morning. Also, five knives were seized from the boy who was with them.


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