Tamil News | Budget: Leaders Comment **

Tamil News |  Budget: Leaders Comment **

Tamil News | Budget: Leaders Comment ** | Dinamalar

Date of Registration: Mar 21,2023


* D.M.K., President Vasan:

DMK, the government has announced many schemes; Very little has been accomplished. A budget that does not meet people’s expectations, thoughts and needs.

Of the 505 promises made in the manifesto, 85 percent have been fulfilled in 22 months. Remaining promises should also be actively pursued.

– Alagiri, Tamil Nadu Congress President

Women’s Rights Program, Breakfast Extension Program are welcome. 77,000 crore, 14,500 MW hydropower projects by 2030 with no announcement on when they will be implemented is disappointing.


B.M.K., Founder

The fact that the DMK has reduced the fiscal deficit more than the central government is a testament to the efficient fiscal management of the government.

– Vigo,

MDMK, General Secretary

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