Tamil News | Cut off old woman’s ear and steal jewels: a venture in broad daylight

Tamil News |  Cut off old woman’s ear and steal jewels: a venture in broad daylight
Udayakumar’s wife Vijaya, 67, of Ettapur Service Road near Pethanayakkanpalayam, Salem district, owns a grocery shop in the same area. There yesterday morning, at 11:40, a young man and a young woman came. They said that they had come to Muthumalai Murugan Temple and asked for water. So the old lady who went to the house near the shop, the two continued to follow. They then assaulted Vijaya and snatched the 3-pound gold chain and 2-pound bangles he was wearing. They cut off his ear and robbed him of a pound of ammunition. Vijaya has been admitted to a private hospital in the same area due to injury to his left ear. Ethappur police are investigating.

Rs. 54.98 lakh gold seized

The Emirates flight from Dubai, United Arab Emirates arrived in Chennai the day before yesterday. A suspicious passenger was intercepted and searched by customs officials as he tried to leave the terminal.

Then, three packages were found hidden in his anus. When they were taken out and examined, it was found that 1,070 grams of gold worth 54.98 lakh rupees had been smuggled.

Old woman killed for 11 pound jewelry; 6 people arrested

Arulmikael wife Ushadevi 62 from Bhaktinathapuram near Radhapuram Tirunelveli District. They have one son and 2 daughters. All three are married and live in places like Australia and Chennai. On March 20, Ushadevi was alone at home. As she did not come out, Ushadevi was lying in the house when the female relative went to see her.

He was taken to a private hospital where the doctors who examined him declared him already dead. The family was informed that he may have fallen and died due to health problems. The body was kept in a refrigerator before burial. They saw the injuries and informed the police.

Valliyur DSP Yogesh Kumar saw that the surveillance camera in front of the house had been broken. When watching the recorded footage, it was revealed that the student was entering the house at the time of the incident. Investigation revealed that he was a 17-year-old Plus 1 student from Pallavilai. When he was caught and interrogated, he confessed to killing Usha Devi.

According to the police, ‘A student of Plus 1 in Vadakankulam School used to come to Ushadevi’s house often to take care of coconut trees. He also asked him for money on the day of the incident. When he refused to pay more money, he entered the house in a rage and strangled Ushadevi’s neck to death and stole 11 pounds of jewelery such as a chain and bracelet from her neck.

He told his brother Johnson about the robbery of the jewels. With their help, two wheeler bought expensive jewelry by pawning it in Valliyur and Radhapuram shops. The police registered a case against a total of 7 people, including the student and Johnson, in connection with the murder of the old woman and the theft of jewellery. In this, 6 people have been arrested namely student, friend Udaya Prakash 34, his wife Sakayasubha 31, friend Ranjith 20, house worker Jaya 41 and another friend Jordan 20. We are looking for Johnson, they said.

Acid attack on woman in Coimbatore court premises

Siva, 45, of Sulular Kannampalayam, Coimbatore; Lorry driver. His wife is Kavita, 35. They have two children. RS Puram Police Station has two cases against Kavitha.

Kavita separated a week ago due to husband-wife disagreement. Shiva came looking for his wife. In this case, Kavita came yesterday to appear in the Coimbatore First Criminal Court in connection with her arrest in a theft case in 2016. Shiva knew that information. He also came to court.
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Both husband and wife were talking. Shiva then asked about leaving the children behind. This led to an argument between them. Kavita then went to the court on the first floor. Shiva followed him. He took the acid he had hidden and poured it on Kavita. He screamed in pain.

Hearing his voice, the lawyers there came. Shiva tried to run away. He was surrounded by lawyers. They beat him and handed over the racecourse to the police. Police have arrested Siva and are interrogating him.

When Siva fled, Indumati, the head constable who was on security duty, chased him. S.P. Padri Narayanan called him and praised him with Rs. 5,000 as prize money.

Girl married twice: Father sues ‘husbands’

Swaminathan hails from Weerapandi in Tirupur district. He married his 13-year-old daughter to Prasad, 22, from Nilakottai Mattaparai, Dindigul district, two and a half years ago. Due to a difference of opinion, the two separated.

Then, he got the girl married for the second time to Alagarswamy, 27, of N. Panchampatti. The girl gave birth to a baby girl. Later, the girl separated due to a disagreement with Alagarsamy. When Social Welfare Extension Officer Sivagami investigated the girl who was wandering around Tirupur railway station with an infant, it was found that she was married at a young age. He complained to the police. Accordingly, the police have registered a case against Prasad, Alagarswamy and Swaminathan.

Chilmisham to the nurse in the running bus

Vinodkumar’s wife Repaga, 34, from NGO Colony, Pudukottai District, works as a nurse in a private hospital in Chennai. Yesterday morning, at 10:00 am, he traveled by government bus from Trichy to Salem.

Government bus driver Sasikumar, 37, from Phulanchery near Musiri, Trichy district, was also traveling in that bus. At that time, Repakha informed the Namakkal Town police that Sasikumar had committed a crime. The Namakkal police informed the Salem Pallapatti police.

Sasikumar was caught by the police when the bus reached Salem, Pudu bus stand. Following the complaint filed by Repaga, the police are interrogating Sasikumar and another 38-year-old government bus driver who accompanied him.

Sexual harassment of student: Policeman arrested in ‘Pocso’

A 17-year-old student lodged a complaint with the district SP yesterday against Om Shyam Hari, who works as a constable at a police station in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh.

It says: Policeman Om Shyam Hari took my mobile phone number by force and called me frequently and sexually harassed me. After I ‘blocked’ his number for this, he started a fake social media account in my name and posted obscene videos on it. When I asked to remove these, he threatened me. Action should be taken against him. This is what he had said.

A case was registered against Om Shyam Hari under various sections including POCSO after the investigation revealed the truth in the complaint filed by the student. “He was immediately arrested and jailed yesterday and was ‘suspended’ from work,” SP said.

‘Boots’ tread on the feet of the infant

An arrest ‘warrant’ has been issued against Bhushan Pandey, a resident of Koshothingi village in Giridi district of Jharkhand, who is involved in a case. In order to give this to him, six policemen went to Bhushan’s house early yesterday and conducted a raid there.

At that time, a four-day-old baby boy was crushed to death by the policemen’s boots. While a case has been registered in this regard, the child’s body was subjected to post-mortem examination yesterday. A case has been registered against six policemen, including two officers involved, after it was confirmed that the baby’s body parts were crushed by boots.

Five policemen involved have been suspended. State Chief Minister Hemant Soran has ordered an inquiry into the incident.

Two arrested for drunken argument on flight

An ‘Indigo’ flight arrived from Dubai to Mumbai yesterday. The two persons who were traveling in it were already intoxicated and continued to drink alcohol in the flight and were behaving indecently. Both of them are involved in a dispute with their fellow passengers and the airline staff who asked for this. Subsequently, the security force police were informed about these two from the Mumbai airport.

As soon as the plane landed, both of them were arrested by the police. Investigation revealed that they were from Balkar and Kolhapur areas of Mumbai and had returned to India after working abroad. Later, they were granted bail in the court. Meanwhile, IndiGo has apologized to other passengers for the inconvenience caused during the journey.


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