Tamil News | Senthilkumar’s demand for quality items in the ration

Tamil News |  Senthilkumar’s demand for quality items in the ration

Tamil News | Quality items in ration sentilkumar request | Dinamalar

Date of Registration: Mar 29,2023


Puducherry: MLA Senthilkumar insisted that disabled people should waive off their loans.

He spoke in the debate on the grant request; Fields should be set up in the villages on behalf of the Agriculture Department.

Farmers should be given subsidy to buy agricultural implements. Subsidy should be given to paddy planter especially like plowing machine.

There is a drug-free environment in veterinary hospitals. A mobile ambulance should be provided to protect the cattle.

Social welfare department should give the amount to the beneficiary immediately like Adi Dravida welfare department. Group ‘B’ total posts should be reserved. PWDs should waive past loans.

Adi Dravida Development Corporation should provide educational loan to new students. Ration shops should provide quality products. The GRS employees who can be employed by the Regional Development Department should be given higher salary and their employment should be made permanent.

The company is currently selling bar and drinking water.

In order to generate additional income, drinking water should also be sold commercially to industries. He said that borewell permission should be given to farmers.

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